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Fukushima Radiation is safe? Smart Meters & Big Pharma Exposed | FLOW OF WISDOM

Original air date April 12, 2015. This show covers media reports stating that the radiation from the Fukushima Nuclear plant is now on the shores of the Pacific hitting North America. They are saying it is safe to be in the water. I also cover reports of smart meters are now being used to […]

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Coup Against Obama, MindWar, Pedophilia & Satanism | FLOW OF WISDOM

This is hour two of my interview with Brandon Turbeville author/journalist from We discuss Operation Vigilant Guard exercises in SC that involved “Door to Door ‘Wellness Checks,’” the nuclear deal with Iran, Paul E. Vallely, Michael Aquino, Satanism, Pedophilia, PYSOPs, Mindwar, Syria, and propaganda. Link to Article:

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Flashlight App on your Smartphone is Malware

Catherine J. Frompovich Activist Post Readers, if you have the Flashlight App installed on your smart phone, your phone is infected with malware according to Snoopwall’s CEO Gary Miliefsky. There are 10 flashlight apps that smart phone users can access and install. Those Trojan horse malware packages send your personal information to the following countries: […]

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PT2: Former Federal Agent and Contractor shares insight into Russia | FLOW OF WISDOM federal

“Keiser” who is a former federal agent and contractor that provides his insight and perspective on the current U.S. and Russian relationships based on his personal expirience. He also shares the dynamics of China and Russia and so much more. Great perspective from someone that has been involved with many of the conflicts overseas.

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Instagram: @flowofwisdom

Meteorologist, Morgellons, Monsanto = Climate Control | FLOW OF WISDOM

This is the second hour of my recent interview with Dane Wigington from

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Door to Door’Wellness Checks’, Iran, PYSOPs, Mindwar & more | FLOW OF WISDOM

This is the first hour of an interview with author/journalist Brandon Turbeville from We discuss, the Operation Vigilant Guard exercises in South Carolina that involved “Door to Door ‘Wellness Checks,’ the nuclear deal with Iran, Paul E. Vallely, Michael Aquino, Satanism, Pedophilia, PYSOPs, Mindwar, Syria, and propaganda. Brandon’s website is

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These are all the countries where the US has a military presence

Originally posted on Quartz:
This item has been corrected.  On Mar. 24, US president Barack Obama announced that all 9,800 US troops currently stationed in Afghanistan will remain until the end of 2015. This generated a fair amount of criticism: it was, after all, Obama’s promise that the last American troop would leave the country in 2014. How…

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Are They Arming for Riots Across America? Homeland Stockpiling “Less Lethal Specialty Munitions”

Originally posted on Nwo Report:
A new Homeland Security purchase order listed on FedBizOpps raises an eyebrow or two Source: Mac Slavo | | One of the biggest stories for years in the alternative media was the mysterious and foreboding purchase by Homeland Security of more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. Thanks to…

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Obama Monkey Comparisons & Welfare Jokes: Racist Ferguson Emails Released

Originally posted on Bossip:
Racist Ferguson Emails The racist emails that caused Ferguson police officials and a city clerk to either lose their jobs or resign have been released. In them, they callously make racist remarks about President Obama and people on welfare. The Washington Post reports: The e-mails, released to The Washington Post in…

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14-year-old starts freshman year in college

Originally posted on
[ooyala code=”kzMGQ2dDqAC584RRGmv2uR9WlESX-MOK” player_id=”728b068401c44c3e960e1c9f3ab47295″] GALESBURG, Il. — When he was four years old, Andrew Ferris was home-schooled. “I began second-grade math at the age of four,” he said. By ten, he was taking astronomy classes. “It felt odd that everybody in the room was older than me, but it didn’t feel…

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Are you ready for “JIBO the Family Robot”?

Is it me or does this promo of “JIBO the family robot” seem a bit creepy? Talk about invasive technology. Soon you will not be able to do anything without some sort of lens watching your every move in the privacy of your own home. Technology is cool, but people will be so dependent on […]

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Article Source: Boko Haram is imperialist terrorism. Boko Haram is the excuse for US/UK military intervention in Nigeria.Boko Haram are Saddam Hussein`s weapons of mass destruction, Syria`s sarin gas, Gadaffi`s dictatorship, Somalia`s Al Shebaab, Central African Republic`s Seleka rebels, DR Congo`s M23 ( and now FDLR),Mali`s Islamic extremists, Uganda`s LRA, Liberia`s Ebola, Iraq`s ISIS […]

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Petition – The U.S. Must Join the BRICS

Photo Source: Article Source: UPDATED—March 19, 2015 · In the wake of the announcement by four leading European nations — Germany, France, Italy, and Great Britain — that they intend to join the Chinese-initiated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the growing international campaign for the United States to follow suit and join the BRICS, as called […]

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What’s more important than Hillary’s Email? – Obama signs new EO against Venezuela

I don’t understand what’s so pressing about Hillary Clinton’s email use. If anything, it shows how much trust a high-level politician has in the NSA and other government agencies. What is more pressing, in my opinion is the fact that President Obama signed an Executive Order against Venezuela. President Obama Declares Venezuela “A Threat to […]

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Join me and sign the petition to the Obama administration to “stop aerosol spraying in our skies”

As you can see from the image on this post that I just signed the petition to the Obama administration to stop spraying these harmful chemicals in our skies. Join me by signing the petition and share the link to let our voices be heard. We petition the Obama administration to: Immediately stop the aerosol […]

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