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“Who’s in Your Fave Five” off Flow of Wisdom, Vol 1

The track is produced by Beat Renegades. Download “Flow of Wisdom, Vol 1” on i Tunes now!

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J Rawls (ft. Sadat X & Wise Intelligent) – “Face It” (Official Music Video)

My homeboy and friend, super producer J Rawls hit me with an email the other day about a new video he shot of a dope song uniting two of hip hops pioneers that made a huge impact during the early 90’s. Sadat X of Brand Nubian and Wise Intelligence of Poor Righteous Teachers. Check out […]

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Soulja Boy Fan Calls Sean Anthony to ask Travis Porter about Colab

Travis Porter stops by the studio to hang with Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator & Keith. A Soulja Boy fan calls in to ask the trio about a colab.

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DJ Kool Herc Has No Health Insurance but Needs Medical Attention

After reading some comments on about DJ Kool Herc needing money for his medical situation. I took to twitter to air out my perspective. Some people really expect DJ Kool Herc to have all this money because of what he contributed to hip hop. What some of you may fail to realize is that […]

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Cassidy freestyles about Jesus

My Great Web page My Great Web page I had a chance to chop it up with Cassidy when he came on my show to promote his latest CD. Off the air we had a personal conversation on how he found God when he was in jail. I wont go into details of that personal […]

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Sean Anthony’s review on Diddy Dirty Money’s “Last Train to Paris”

Diddy-Dirty Money. What can I say about Diddy? “Last Train to Paris” possesses a sound that lures you into its element. Diddy pushed the envelope with this project, stretching the fusion of hip hop & R&B genres to newer heights.  This album is what’s next.  I hear unique musical and vocal  arraignments that break many […]

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Sean Anthony’s Review on Jamie Foxx “Best Night of My Life”

If you want to hear a typical party album saying the same ol’ lyrics “we on patron, let’s go home, then let’s bone, tell the DJ to do this, type of album then this is perfect for you.  I was very disappointed after listening to the “Best Night of My Life”.  I could be harsh […]

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LL Cool J chats with Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator

I got an exclusive interview w/ LL Cool J after his concert in LL’s trailer. Great info! he spoke about LL talks about Obama,album with 50,Clothing line, & Jesus…. Check it out and leave a comment!

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Do you think Hip Hop sold out to Corporate America?

With all of the success Hip Hop has garnered over the last decade, do you think the true essence of Hip Hop has sold out to the almighty dollar? There was a time when Hip Hop music was banned and targeted as a genre that would eventually fade away. Now 30 years later, hip hop […]

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Bow Wow sends HUGE shout out to Sean Anthony on his song “In My City”

Bow Wow always showed love on 106 and Park (AJ & Free) BET’s the Basement (Big Tigger), other radio stations and even at every Scream Tour in the Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio. Never has he given me a shout out on a song until now…Skip to min 2:17

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Hip Hop at its best….

I love seeing the elements of Hip Hop used in a positive light. These guys are extremely great dancers. I even see ballet in some of their moves. If anyone can tell me how I can get in contact with these guys, let me know. Enjoy a great video of great dancing.

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Part 2 with Nas.

My Great Web page This is the second half of my interview with Nas. Check out his response when asked about the Power of Association. Leave a comment.

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Wacka Flocka on Education….

Recently on my soon to be nationally syndicated talk show I do every Sunday on WCDX, I had a discussion on “Education and Hip Hop”. A few weeks ago Wacka Flocka appeared on the popular TV show 106 and Park. Terrance J asked Wacka Flocka what was his views on education. His response was a […]

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Marijuana: Legal or Illegal?

First let me begin this blog by stating that I am not a smoker. However, during my late teenage years, during and after college I would “partake” quite frequently. Nonetheless, there has been an ongoing discussion about the legalization of marijuana. With a struggling economy and health care troubling most U.S. citizens the argument has […]

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Show Topic Ideas!

Tune in every Sunday morning at 9am to my Syndicated talk show on iPower 92.1 “FLOW OF WISDOM RADIO”. You can also listen live on If you have any show topics, ideas or would like to be a guest on the show please leave your remarks in the comment box.

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