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Sean Anthony Guest on HuffPost Live w/ Author Marala Scott

Monday evening I received an email from one of the producers from HuffPost Live, asking if I’d be interested in joining an interview with author Marala Scott to discuss her book, “In Our House.” (By the way, buy her book and read it! It is an amazing true story unlike any other.) During their research, […]

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My Vision of an Earthquake in Virginia

Sunday August 21, 2011 on Flow of Wisdom Radio I did a show on HAARP. My guest was Dr. Nick Begich. We spoke on how it can manipulate the weather, create earthquakes and cause volcano’s to erupt. August 22, 2011 as I was leaving work, I told my son I just felt the earth shake. […]

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My Great Web page Part 2 of the exclusive interview with Tyrese Gibson, he talks about Obama, his new Comic Book, his divorce, plus more inspiration! INSIDE THE MIND OF TYRESE GIBSON W/ SEAN ANTHONY The Hip Hop Motivator…, posted with vodpod

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Get Motivated with Sean Anthony.

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The Storm

Are you going through a storm? Are you dealing with the loss of a loved one? Are you dealing with addictions to drugs or alcohol? Are you dealing with the loss of a job? Are you in an abusive relationship? Are you dealing with tough financial times? This message is for you. While traveling from […]

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Black Men and Depression

Do black men get depressed? Of course! Why is it masked? Is it because of the male ego or just lack of knowledge? On the Power of One Voice we will be discussing this very topic. Here are some signs of depression to look for: Significant weight loss when not dieting or weight gain (i.e., […]

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Domestic Violence: How do we prevent it?

Award winning author Marala Scott of the very powerful book “In Our House” will be joining me this Sunday on my weekly talk show “The Power Of One Voice” 9am on We will not only discuss her riveting story of overcoming an extremely abusive household, but how she is paving the way to prevent […]

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Can I be young, fly and still rep Jesus?

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Can Domestic Violence lead to Spiritual Demonic Violence?

People let me tell you, demonic possession is real and witchcraft is real. The devil is working feverishly to implement his agenda any way he sees fit. With the likes of Harry Potter and the new film Twilight, witchcraft has somewhat become a part of popular culture and is raking in huge bucks. Don’t get […]

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