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Flow Of Wisdom Caller says we SHOULD take the Mark of the Beast – (Hour 2)

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FOWR: Islamic Mass in Rome, Anti-Christ, Callers from NYC, VA & NC

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FOWR: Members of Congress Warn of EMP Threat on United States

It’s one thing to gather information and warn the public of certain imminent dangers as a talk show host that covers “conspiracy theories,” but when members of Congress address the same concerns, I think it’s time for Americans to pay close attention. For the past couple years I’ve been sharing information on Flow of Wisdom Radio […]

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Yesterday I was informed by Dennea’ Marks with GCN Affiliate Relations – that “a new station KCTR in Terrell, TX has picked up The Flow of Wisdom to start airing on May 23rd, 2014. Flow of Wisdom will air every Friday from 8pm – 9pm (CST).” Beginning May 23rd, 2014, Flow Of Wisdom will air […]

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Is Donald Sterling an American hero?

How in the high heavens can you ask if the owner of the LA Clippers, Donald Sterling be an American hero? Well, has he not made many black men millionaires over the past years? Has he empowered more young black men financially than most African-American owned companies today? Check out the salaries of the Clippers […]

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Interview with Alexander Backman: Current terrorist threats against US, Malaysia Airlines Codes

Alexander Backman call into Flow of Wisdom Radio live from Mexico to share his latest revelations on the missing Malaysia airline flight 370. He also explains how he has had this gift since he was a child to decode things. During the first hour Backman shares a dream he had back in December of 2013 […]

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Alexander Backman will be on with Sean Anthony SUN MAY 11

Message from Alexander Backman: Hello, I will be on with Christian Radio Host Sean Anthony on the FLOW OF WISDOM radio show tomorrow from 3.00-5.00 pm EST. Pleas join us for yet another riveting interview. Please join us. And if you have questions beforehand, email me or Sean. His website is: http://flowofwisdom.com/ Maranatha! Alexander Backman […]

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FOWRadio: X-MEN Director Bryan Singer accused of abusing teenage boy

Here is the article from Vigilant Citizen about the accusations of X-Men director, Bryan Singer abusing a teenage boy. http://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/x-men-director-bryan-singer-accused-abusing-teenage-boy-part-sordid-hollywood-sex-ring/ FOWRadio: (PT3) X-MEN Director Bryan Singer accused of abusing teenage boy

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FOWR: Rise of the New World Order – Interview w/ Jeff Hays Hour One

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

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FLOW OF WISDOM: New Age Movement – Lucis Trust – NWO

Yesterday on Flow of Wisdom Radio I broke down the organization called Lucis Trust. The organization is an occult non-profit that was established back in the 1920’s by Alice Bailey. This organization has a great deal of influence on many people through their ideology and doctrine. They are behind the New Age Movement. Post your […]

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Flow Of Wisdom Radio – March 23, 2014 (Ukraine)

Here are the links to yesterdays show with guest Brandon Turbeville discussing the latest information on the Ukraine. Hour One http://archives2014.gcnlive.com/Archives2014/mar14/FlowOfWisdom/0323141.mp3 Hour Two http://archives2014.gcnlive.com/Archives2014/mar14/FlowOfWisdom/0323142.mp3

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How to protect Whistleblowers to expose Geo-Engineering & Weather Modification

In this clip from my interview with Dane Wigington from GeoEngineeringWatch.org, he provides confirmation that desiccated human red blood cells are found in CHEMTRAILS according to test done by the Carincom Institute. I also ask what can we do to protect whistleblowers to come out and expose the truth behind climate engineering. His response is […]

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Photo by: Wilbur Allen on  ufodc.com

Could the Missing plane be linked to space wars between Russia or China?

Another FLOW OF WISDOM RADIO Exclusive (Photo Source – Wilbur Allen ufodc.com) My guest Michelle Hopkins from YouTube who has sources with high-military ranking thinks that this missing airplane from Malaysia could have been a result of space wars between Russia and China. She also brings up a point that 20 of the passengers on […]

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Source says – polymers used in fake “snow” by the military | FLOW OF WISDOM (Exclusive)

On this clip, Rev Michelle Hopkins from YouTube shares information from her source regarding the fake snow that hit the East coast and Southern region of the United States. Her source said the nano particulates of plastic sprayed in ours skies to create “snow” was done by the military. This causes me to question whether […]

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Jerusalem – Obama to sign peace treaty and the Pope will declare it the Capitol of the World

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