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“IF IT BLEEDS IT LEADS” NEWSROOM CULTURE UNVEILED BY EMMY AWARD-WINNING JOURNALIST BEN SWANN ON FLOW OF WISDOM RADIO January 12, 2014—On this week’s Flow of Wisdom (FOW) Radio Show with Sean Anthony, Emmy Award-Winning Investigative Journalist, Ben Swann, discussed details behind media newsroom culture and the motto, “If It Bleeds It Leads.” Swann explained […]

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This is not internet radio

Over the past month, I’ve had several conversations with different people from all walks of life that follow me on social media. They each made references eluding to my show being internet based, which let me know I need to do a better job when marketing the show online. So let’s be clear, “Flow of […]

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FLOW OF WISDOM: The Road to Damascus, Syria breakdown, staged attacks and more with Brandon Turbeville

First it was the Government shutdown and now its the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare.  Just because the media is not talking about Syria don’t  think that some deals are not being made. Several big meetings have been taking place here recently. Read, President Obama meets with Pakistani prime minister in attempt to ease tensions […]

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“We’re building a domestic army” -Marine Corps Colonel Speaks Out

In Concord, New Hampshire residents spoke out at a City Council Meeting. A Marine Corps Colonel shared his experience of being in Iraq and compared how similar the police is organizing exactly how he did while in the military. This city council meeting stemmed from a request for a grant by the Concord Police Department’s […]

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FLOW OF WISDOM: Mind Conditioning in Media (Doc Marquis) Hour 2

The original air date of this show was July 21, 2013. During this show, Doc Marquis (Former member of the Illuminati) gives a live demonstration of mental conditioning to attempt to get Sean Anthony to do and say what he wants. Does Doc Marquis trick Sean Anthony? Listen to this portion of the show to […]

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Sean Anthony Speaks at Fairfield Baptist Church

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FOWR Live Sundays 3 pm EST

FLOW OF WISDOM PODCAST: MK-ULTRA, Mind Control and Connecticut Shooting

This show is for those that have never heard of the term “MK-Ultra” or maybe you have heard about it but don’t understand what this program is. I provide informative information, from declassified CIA documents and articles that have been published over the years. The information shared will help you begin to connect the dots […]

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Motivation – Sean Anthony | Flow of Wisdom

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FLOW OF WISDOM RADIO PODCAST: Aurora Shooter Sleeper Cell For Gun Control

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Be Undeniable. Be Realistic. Be Proactive.

There was a situation that happened to me last month. I sent a package to someone who is very well-respected within my industry… When I followed up with a phone call, the person was dishonest about reviewing it. I knew the person wasn’t upfront because the information I sent informs me if someone has viewed […]

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Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator Rebukes Travis Porter

Travis Porter was in Richmond, Va for a show and stops by to co-host the countdown with Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator & Big Keith (WCDX). Travis Porter makes a stunning remark about Jesus writing a verse on hit “Make It Rain”. Which lead to Sean Anthony rebuking the young trio, in the name […]

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Gifts and Talents

Don’t confuse your gifts with your talents. Your gift is exactly what it says. It is something that God gave you. Your talents is something that you develop and cultivate. In the bible it says, “A man’s gift makes room for him, And brings him before great men.” Proverbs 18:16 So don’t get the two […]

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Fame vs. Success – from “FLOW OF WISDOM, VOL 1″

My CD is available for download on i Tunes! http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/flow-of-wisdom-volume-1/id369600456

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