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HBCU Money™ Business Book Feature – Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future

Winner of the 2015 FT & McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award A New York Times Bestseller Top Business Book of 2015 at Forbes One of NBCNews.com 12 Notable Science and Technology Books of 2015 What are the jobs of the future? How many will there be? And who will have them? We might…

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Toxic High School

In the 1930s the Silver City Dump operated as the second-largest landfill in New Orleans. Known as the “ulcer of the city,” the landfill collected 150 tons of g… Source: Toxic High School

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Republican National Convention | Black Lives Matter and more

During the broadcast on July 17, 2016 I covered the upcoming Republican National Convention and the heightened security surrounding the event this week. Other subjects covered was the social engineering of the Pokemon craze, and non military federal agencies stocking up on millions of dollars worth of guns and ammo. I also shared information on […]

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Skynet is real… As discussed on today’s show

As Robert X from Chicago called into today’s show to provide insight on the Pokemon Go craze, he mentioned how Google is really Skynet from the Terminator movie. Check out this article from 2015 in Huffington Post that supports what Robert X states on my show. 5 Ways Skynet Is More Real Than You Think

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False Reality is the Beginning of End Times Deception

Originally posted on End Times Prophecy Report:
“And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed…

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The Mayor of Atlanta is considering a curfew

After enduring weeklong protests and marches that forced city and state police officers to work overtime during that entire period, Mayor Kasim Reed has announced he is considering implementing a curfew. The demonstrations are in response to the police killings of black men on back-to-back days last week in Baton Rouge, La., and suburban Minneapolis.… via […]

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Tebow denies speaking at Republican Convention

Thursday morning he was among the biggest stars featured on Donald Trump’s convention lineup. Thursday night, Tim Tebow declared his attendance at next week’s Republican National Convention was nothing more than “a rumor.” “I wake up this morning to find out that I’m speaking at the Republican National Convention,” Tebow said in a video posted… via […]

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Listen to the Demo version of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’

It’s always amazing to listen to demo versions of some of the greatest songs from some the biggest entertainers. Here is a raw demo version of Prince and the Revolution working on “Purple Rain”.

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Hacked messages of #BlackLivesMatter leader reveal Obama admin’s plan for ‘summer of chaos’ and martial law

Originally posted on Fellowship of the Minds:
U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch is coordinating with Democratic activists to so disrupt the upcoming Republican and Democratic National Conventions that martial law will be declared. That’s the stunning discovery revealed in a series of direct messages between three activists. On Friday, June 10, 2016, someone hacked into…

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Recent Events: ‘Social Engineering is in full swing’

In the wake of recent events here in the U.S from the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and the 5 Dallas police officers, our country is on edge. I addressed something that is not being discussed, which is social engineering. They are strategically tapping into the nation’s emotions through social media and mainstream […]

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Brexit and the Bank for International Settlements

The original date of this broadcast was June 26, 2016. On this show, I take a deeper look into the the bank of all banks. The bank that all the Central Banks report to, which is the Bank for International Settlements. The Bank for International Settlements is located in Basel, Switzerland. In addition to having […]

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All Eyes on Cleveland

The original air date of this broadcast was on June 19, 2016. As I predicted during the broadcast, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship. Aside from my support of the Ohio native, Lebron James in rooting for whatever team he plays for, I somehow knew Cleveland would win due to certain things I’ve noticed […]

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One of the best NBA games I’ve watched in a while

So Game 7 of the NBA Finals was pretty great, don’t you agree? If you somehow managed to avoid what happened, the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors, 93-89. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving were brilliant, as was Draymond Green, and we got the perfect ending to one of the most entertaining Finals ever.… via […]

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Elon Musk backing Artificial Intelligence research group to develop a new robot

A high-profile artificial intelligence research group backed by Elon Musk said it is developing a robot. OpenAI, which formed in December, said on Monday that it’s working on creating an “off-the-shelf” robot that others can manufacture. The idea is to make design a robot outside of a corporate umbrella as a way to speed innovation… via […]

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Putin Warns Trump ‘New World Order Out To Get You’

Originally posted on Nwo Report:
 Vladimir Putin has delivered a scathing attack on the New World Order and warned Donald Trump that the ‘secret cabal’ have him ‘in their crosshairs.’ ‘There is a secret cabal above the elected rulers of your country, they have very clear goals for the next couple of years…They do not…

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