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KaratBars International presents a Gold Savings Account
Diversify your assets today! Start Saving in Gold.
Get paid to Save In Gold and get paid to help others Save In Gold!
Retirement plans and pensions are in trouble. The fear is that individual savings could disappear overnight the meltdown of our financial system. What is the solution? Karat Bars is an Ecommerce Company with an Affiliate program.

Start a Gold Savings Account that pays you when you refer others and also pays you on the accounts that I place under you!!!
Karatbars International is an E Commerce Company.  They offer a very lucrative affiliate rewards program like many online businesses around the world. The difference is very clear. Karat Bars has zero sponsorship requirements or monthly purchase requirements in order to earn commissions. Our affiliates can refer others to their free online Gold Savings Plan website and earn commissions whether or not they personally purchase Karat Bars products. Save In Gold – Get paid to help others Save In Gold!!!

Karatbars is an amazing opportunity that makes buying gold affordable and offers an exciting way to earn a substantial income by sharing this Gold Savings Club with others Karat Bars provides you with a free website to share and earn. Use your Karat Bars Savings Plan to earn extra money and help your friends and family that are having financial difficulties.

After you open a KaratBars (Affiliate) Gold Saving Account, KaratBars gives you a free website to share with family and friends. When people open a gold account through your website, you accumulate units that convert to money on your Karat Bars Debit Card. You are paid every time people open an account from your website. – You are paid every Friday when you have 50 units on one side and 25 on the other. See the Karat Bars Pay Plan for detailed information.
KaratBars International has customers in over 122 countries. Like any bank account, you must prove that you are a real person with a utility bill and a passport photo or driver license photo. You simply upload your documents into your secure online account. Purchase gold when you like, but there is no monthly purchase requirement (per month) to earn on the accounts that you referred.
KaratBars pays you to help others Save In Gold!!!!!!!!!
The Dual Team Business Affiliate Account is Powerful!!!!!!!!!!!!
When registering, click on Affiliate Account – not customer.
The Dual Team Business Account requires a one-time purchase of a business package: Choose a Bronze ($130.00), Silver, Gold or VIP package. The higher the package, the more you get paid on all transactions that are generated on the accounts that you refer and the accounts that I place under you. You can upgrade your package at no extra charge. When you upgrade, you get paid more per cycle.
The Dual Team is powerful. You receive units from the people that you refer and the people that I place under you. You are a part of my team. That is powerful.!! . Everything has a unit value. You get paid on a KaratBars Master Debit Card and you can check your earnings by logging into your account. There is no monthly purchases required to earn (like most network marketing companies) but we do encourage you to purchase Gold and prepare for the coming economic crisis. After all, that is the purpose of saving in a hard asset like gold. All purchases are delivered by Fed-Ex and a signature is required.
Karatbars is an amazing opportunity that makes buying gold affordable AND offers an exciting way to earn a substantial income by sharing this program with others!
Karatbars Advantages

Karatbars International was founded in 2009, now in their 5th year, open in 122 countries and growing – The timing is perfect!
Karatbars gold is produced by an LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) accredited refinery. – Certified for purity and weight!
Highest quality 999.9 gold currency bullion – Peace of mind knowing you own the very best gold!
Refer others who purchase gold and you can earn commissions – Create your future by helping others succeed and earn free gold!
Commissions paid weekly to your personal Karatbars Mastercard  – No waiting for monthly checks in the mail, it’s automatic each week!
You decide how much gold you want and when you want it – You’re in control, no minimum requirement!
Choose free gold storage or have it shipped directly to you – Rest easy knowing your gold is safe and secure until you want it shipped directly to you!
Purchase gold at your own rate and build your business at your own pace!  You decide what’s best for you!
No Enrollment Fee – Unlike so many other companies, with Karatbars there is no cost to become a member!

Please check out these websites. 

Free Affiliate Registration on my Website below:

Click on Register as an Affiliate.  Make sure that (FlowOfWisdom) and ID# 24864276  are in the registration form.  

Click on Affiliate Registration. 

Make sure that the spelling of your name is the same as your driver’s license so we don’t have to correct this later.

Email or call me and allow me to open your account.

Free Website and Free Training

For more information?  Email:

Join my team today!  Sean Anthony


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