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CERN D-Wave and Technocracy

Original live broadcast was January 29, 2017. This is the first of a new series that I will be covering for the next several weeks. I will explore how CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, the D-Wave quantum computer all ties into our immediate future of a technocracy. A world governed by technology. We will look into […]

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Trump Administration puts gag order on Federal Agencies

This move by the Trump administration is exactly what I stated on the most recent Flow Of Wisdom broadcast. We are about to see an increase of censorship in the media and in social media like we’ve never seen before. S.A. Employees at several federal agencies including the Department of Agriculture have been barred by […]

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The United States of Donald Trump

Welcome to the United States of Donald Trump! Several things covered during this broadcast, which aired January 22, 2017. Is President Trump about to start a war with the media? It’s already a rough ride for the corporate media outlets since he has been calling them out for their inaccuracies. The irony of President Trump […]

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Zuckerberg to spend Billions on virtual reality

As I’ve been stating consistently on Flow Of Wisdom radio, the amount of money going into future technology is huge. Everything we’ve seen in science fiction movies in the past, will soon be our present day reality. – Sean Anthony Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sees virtual reality as a future computing platform that his company […]

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Florida Airport shooting: Pilot said he saw another shooter

This pilot was interviewed by local media in Florida and said he disagrees with the Sheriff stating that there was only one shooter at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Check out the interview on INTELLIHUB Below during the press conference at the 3:30 minute mark, the Sheriff denied any reports of additional shooters. Reporters kept questioning him and […]

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“Sarah Palin To Julian Assange: I apologize”

Sarah Palin takes to Facebook to post a public apology to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. She also encourages her followers to watch the Hannity interview with Assange and the movie “Snowden”. Check out what President-elect Donald Trump had to say about Assange in a tweet. Julian Assange said “a 14 year old could have hacked […]

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John McCain and Lindsey Graham Helping to Start A War With Russia? [VIDEO]

Originally posted on Nwo Report:
Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) were making the rounds in former Soviet Republics, seemingly laying the groundwork for a war against Russia. Here’s what they had to say while in Tbilisi, Georgia: Senator John McCain: We will be working for much tougher sanctions against Russia. They attacked…

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McAfee call Russia attacks “a fallacy”

(Image source: Screen shot from YouTube.com/RT America) Politicking with Larry King on RT. John McAfee was interviewed by Larry King and responds to King’s question “does he think Russia attacked the Democratic National Party.” His response to that question is at the 9:38 mark.

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Preparing for the Future: Artificial Intelligence

The original date of this broadcast was on December 18, 2016. Hour One Hour Two

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Is CERN Seeking Secrets of the Universe Or Maybe Opening the Portals of Hell?

Originally posted on Socio-Economics History Blog:
WSJ putting on their spin to dismiss concerns about ‘666’ and inter-dimensional doorway. Click on image for article. Click on image for article. Lord Shiva – “God of Destruction” statue at CERN LHC. Apollyon/Abaddon also means Destruction/Destroyer! Is the CERN-LHC an attempt to open the bottomless pit ie blackhole/wormhole…

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Kanye West Meets With President-Elect Donald Trump At Trump Tower — Real Stories – UPROXX

WATCH: @KanyeWest at Trump Tower #elevatorcam pic.twitter.com/I4FpM57S1x — CSPAN (@cspan) December 13, 2016 Is Kanye West looking for a position in President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet? Okay, that’s a big reach, but the rapper, who was just released from the hospital following a mental breakdown, was spotted looking healthy and happy while walking into Trump Tower… via […]

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This is the most disturbing interview I have witnessed

Since the exposure of Pizza Gate from the Podesta Wikileak emails, the occult practices have become more in the forefront on social media. Below is an old segment from 60 minutes. It is an interview with a young girl who’s grandmother forced her into dark occult vile rituals. This is very disturbing, but it must […]

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What is the significance of the blood? Marina Abramovic, The Occult & Religion

The original broadcast of this show was December 11, 2016. During this show I look at what the fascination is with blood in most occult circles.  I also take a look at Marina Abramovic who was caught up in the Podesta Wikileak email scandal. Podesta who’s the chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign was emailed by Abramovic, […]

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Originally posted on In Search of Black Assassins:
I YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO BRAND NEW We know this much about Ancient Kemet. There were many healing temples in the land. They weren’t filled with blood altars, serpents, snakes, deities or demons. ? There was no flesh eating, drinking or bathing in blood to feel…

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Stats show rise of Missing Children with no photos in VA #PizzaGate

The original date of this broadcast was on December 04, 2016. This was a very difficult show to do. I discussed the vile reports surrounding #PizzaGate.  As well as disturbing stats on the rise of missing children in Virginia compared to other states like Texas. The two disturbing facts that raises an eye is the point […]

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