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Guard Towers popping up at WalMarts !!!!! Pictures !!!!!

Post by: Pam Schuffert ANOTHER PORTABLE GUARD TOWER AT A WALMART, AND THIS WALMART IS CLOSED! Location is in KALISPELL,MONTANA.They closed this WALMART down a few years ago, to open a SUPERWALMART here. Uh, so IF it’s CLOSED, WHY DO THEY NEED A PORTABLE GUARD TOWER IN FRONT OF IT??? This guard tower looks JUST […]

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Door to Door’Wellness Checks’, Iran, PYSOPs, Mindwar & more | FLOW OF WISDOM

This is the first hour of an interview with author/journalist Brandon Turbeville from ActivistPost.com. We discuss, the Operation Vigilant Guard exercises in South Carolina that involved “Door to Door ‘Wellness Checks,’ the nuclear deal with Iran, Paul E. Vallely, Michael Aquino, Satanism, Pedophilia, PYSOPs, Mindwar, Syria, and propaganda. Brandon’s website is http://www.brandonturbeville.com

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Flow Of Wisdom November 16, 2014 Hour One

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YouTube/Tatoott1009 calls Flow Of Wisdom Radio to discuss Ebola & more (Hour 1)

Earlier this morning I reached out to a popular YouTube channel to call into to the show to discuss the ebola outbreak. The YouTube channel Tatoott1009 has a huge platform covering alternative news with over 20,000 subscribers and over 2.8 million views. Some of the topics discussed was ISIS, Iraq, the harsh reality of the […]

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FLOW OF WISDOM: Are Aliens Demons? Trey Smith Interview (HR1)

Enjoy my interview with author and video producer Trey Smith. During this hour we discuss the question if aliens are really demonic entities. I like what Susan had to say about the show on BeforeItsNews.com (Before It’s News) By Susan Duclos Flow of Wisdom Radio is joined by author Trey Smith for a fascinating discussion […]

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Flow Of Wisdom Caller says we SHOULD take the Mark of the Beast – (Hour 2)

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FOWR: Islamic Mass in Rome, Anti-Christ, Callers from NYC, VA & NC

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Inside Scoop on Hurricane Sandy from a Storm Chaser – 10/27/12

Courtesy of YouTube.com/Sheilaaliens

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Flow of Wisdom Radio with Sean Anthony Aug 26, 2012

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Flow of Wisdom Radio: “Open Forum and Caller Feedback” Aug 12, 2012

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FLOW OF WISDOM RADIO PODCAST: Aurora Shooter Sleeper Cell For Gun Control

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