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WATCH: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. shares emotional testimonial on vaccines on black boys in America

While watching the video below of Robert Kennedy Jr., the word genocide comes to mind.  When I reflect on the history of events that have plagued my people, it becomes undeniable that there is clearly a sinister plot to eliminate black people, primarily black men on the planet. History has written that there have been public lynchings of […]

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Author Teri Brogan on Unschooling before Homeschooling & Becoming Internationally Minded

This is the second hour of my interview with author Teri Brogan. We discuss the fascinating points of her experience she had with her children and homeschooling. Prior to homeschooling, Teri and her husband decided to allow their children to take a break before getting into the structure of homeschooling.  During the process they discovered […]

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Author Teri Brogan on Vaccines, Autism & why she’s against #BlackLivesMatter

I had another great conversation with Teri Brogan on the subject of a recent article she wrote on, “3 Reasons I am Against the #BlackLivesMatter movement.” Although the title can sound somewhat controversial, Brogan brings up some very interesting yet compelling points. The original air date of this show was Sept 20, 2015 Hour one. […]

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Recovering From Autism: Homeschooling – ‘Deschooling’ from the American School System

The original air date of this show was Aug 2, 2015 Hour Two. During this hour of my interview with author, Teri Brogan of “Recovering From Autism”, she focuses on the importance of homeschooling her children. She points out that she understands why most parents are apprehensive but reminds the listeners to think of what […]

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Recovering From Autism

Be sure to listen today at 3pm EST on Flow OF Wisdom as I interview Teri Brogan, author of “Recovering From Autism.” Teri’s website is NaturalHomeSchooling.com Author Teri Brogan knows what it’s like to parent a child with autism. She understands the confusion, the despair, the sense of inadequacy. But thanks to God, naturopathy, and good old […]

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What’s in CHEMTRAILS? Dane Wigington – Expert on Geo-Engineering explains alarming facts

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Jon Rappaport Interviews an Ex-Vaccine Worker

The source of this interview was found on http://www.alternative-doctor.com/vaccination/rappaport.htm Jon Rappaport interviews an ex-vaccine worker “Dr Mark Randall”. Q: You were once certain that vaccines were the hallmark of good medicine. A: Yes I was. I helped develop a few vaccines. I won’t say which ones. Q: Why not? A: I want to preserve my […]

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