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Are you ready for “JIBO the Family Robot”?

Is it me or does this promo of “JIBO the family robot” seem a bit creepy? Talk about invasive technology. Soon you will not be able to do anything without some sort of lens watching your every move in the privacy of your own home. Technology is cool, but people will be so dependent on […]

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Petition To Suspend CBP Drone Surveillance Program

EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) is hosting a petition through Monday 3/18 to suspend the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) drone surveillance program. They are currently over 600 individual signatories, and aiming to hit over 2,000 by the time they submit the petition on Monday. According to their website, “EPIC is a public […]

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ARGUS: The Technology that Takes Video Surveillance to Another Level (video)

Excerpt below is quoted from VigilantCitizen.com Argus Panoptes is the name of a giant of Greek mythology who had a hundred eyes and who was said to be “all-seeing”. What an appropriate name for DARPA’s latest wide area monitoring system, described as the “next generation of surveillance”. When mounted on a drone, ARGUS (which stands […]

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Tech Companies are Developping TV’s that Watch You

Last night I was just telling someone that the latest technology of smart phones, video games and televisions are watching us. The person laughed as if I was joking, but there was no smile on my chocolate face. This invasive technology is truly intruding our privacy. Check out this article by Vigilant Citizen. Tech Companies […]

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PODCAST: “Big Brother is Watching” M. Ruppert speaks w/ Sean Anthony on Flow of Wisdom Radio

Picture Source EndTheLie.com My guest M. Ruppert, independent journalist and researcher from EndTheLie.com, joins me in a discussion on how “Big Brother” is monitoring the American people. Some of the things discussed on FOW Radio is how google retains everything you search and facebook saves everything you post. We also discussed Homeland Security, Technology, face […]

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Big Brother is Watching on Flow of Wisdom Radio

This week on Flow of Wisdom Radio, I will be discussing Big Brother. With the advancement of our technology impeding our daily lives, it also seems as if it’s invading our privacy and civil liberties.  They concoct fear in commercials to get you to buy into their agenda. With the On-Star commercials and now GPS […]

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