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Due to CHEMTRAILS there is no organic – documented horizontal gene mutation in all plant life

In this clip during my two-hour interview with Geo-Engineering expert, Dane Wigington (GeoEngineeringWatch.org) he says there is no organic on planet earth. There are German and Norwegian researchers that are documenting horizontal gene mutation in all plant life. The DNA in plant life is being altered. “These materials are altering the genetic make up and […]

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History proves Government spray our skies – Human Testing: Chemical Experimentation on St. Louis Citizens

Often times when the awareness of geo-engineering and CHEMTRAILS is brought to the attention of Americans, in disbelief some will say the government would never spray harmful chemicals in our skies on its citizens. A St. Louis local news station, KSDK did an investigative report, stating that the U.S. military conducted a secret test on […]

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