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Why are these things being done to the American people? | FLOW OF WISDOM

As more people become aware of the evil tactics carried out by an elite group of people onto the masses, the question comes up, why? During a recent broadcast of Flow Of Wisdom radio, I shared a conversation I had during my live call in T.V. show a couple weeks ago. While interviewing Dane Wigington […]

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Abuse Victim witnessed elites in depraved sex orgy murder a young boy

This report is no different than the stories that my previous guests have shared on Flow Of Wisdom radio about the gruesome pedophilia acts conducted by the sick and evil elites of the world. According to the Telegraph: A Conservative MP murdered a young boy during a depraved sex party in the 1980s, an alleged […]

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Breakdown of Numerology Speech by IMF Director with Doc Marquis PT1

At the beginning of this year, Christine Largarde who is the managing Director of the IMF gave a speech at the National Press Club. During her speech she openly shares her ideology of numerology. The writer for WorldTruthTV gives their interpretation of her speech on their website. So I decided to contact Doc Marquis who […]

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Caller from Oregon says Catholic Church favorite sacrifice is a new born baby

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What’s the difference of being in the Illuminati vs being a puppet for the Illuminati?

To answer this question I asked Doc Marquis who is a former member of the Illuminati. Doc makes it clear that they do recruit outside of their family lines because, “you can’t keep an order as huge as the Illuminati just going through their family lines.” He mentions that certain areas were created in order […]

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Chemtrails causing sinus and respiratory infections across U.S. | FLOW OF WISDOM (Exclusive)

Listen to Flow of Wisdom Radio on GCNLive.com Sundays 3 – 5:00 PM EST. Call in 877-300-7645 Flow Of Wisdom with Sean Anthony is a syndicated, ground-breaking talk show with inspiration, insightful interviews, controversial guests, and a platform for alternative news on the GCN Radio Networks. http://www.gcnlive.com/programs/flowOfwisdom/ My guest Dane Wigington’s website is http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org http://www.gcnlive.com/programs/flowOfwisdom/

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Chemtrails w/ contrast filter Jan 6, 2013 in Richmond, VA

FLOW OF WISDOM: HAARP, TTA’S, Desiccated Human Red Blood Cells are found in CHEMTRAILS

My guest is Rev Michelle Hopkins. Her expertise and informative knowledge stem from her associations with certain ranking military personnel and scientists who are the world’s foremost authorities in their fields. During this show she explains what TTA’s are (Tesla Tech Rays) and the capabilities. When I asked her about why would the elite do […]

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FOWR Live Sundays 3 pm EST

FLOW OF WISDOM: Do You Know The Truth About Christmas?

This is a clip of a show that originally aired December 2011. My guest Doc Marquis is an ex-Illuminist and Witch who turned Christian. He explains the truth behind the Occult holiday, Christmas and compares what the Bible says.

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FOWR Live Sundays 3 pm EST

FLOW OF WISDOM PODCAST: MK-ULTRA, Mind Control and Connecticut Shooting

This show is for those that have never heard of the term “MK-Ultra” or maybe you have heard about it but don’t understand what this program is. I provide informative information, from declassified CIA documents and articles that have been published over the years. The information shared will help you begin to connect the dots […]

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FLOW OF WISDOM with Sean Anthony “U.N. Small Arms Treaty” #BlogTalkRadio PODCAST 11/11/2012

Today I discussed that the Obama Administration and United Nations has a Small Arms Treaty in place to remove guns from U.S. citizens, which infringes on our 2nd Amendment. As American citizens we have the right to bare arms to protect our family and our homes, but it seems as if we are loosing our […]

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FLOW OF WISDOM: Lindsey Williams Gives 4 Signs Before Global Economic Collapse

Lindsey Williams who serves as a Chaplin for the “elite,” calls into Flow of Wisdom Radio for a second time. During this show, he gives some insight on signs to look for leading up to the global economic collapse. 1) A crack in the derivative market 2) Currency wars 3) Trade wars 4) Rise of […]

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Former Worker of Bohemian Grove Speaks Out

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Flow of Wisdom Radio “Bohemian Grove & Body Scanners”

On this show I touch on several topics such as the body scanners in airports, I expose the annual meeting of the Bohemian Grove, pharmaceutical companies and anti-depressant, paying your bills on Facebook and more.

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Get Ready Yall!!! — Mini-drones to take your DNA?

If you don’t think “they” are preparing for something then you really need to go back under a rock and continue watching your favorite reality TV show. RT reports about a drone that is small enough that can carry a small needle. Small enough to get a DNA sample or inject a micro-tracking device that […]

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Flow of Wisdom Radio 07/08/2012

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