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Popular Toothpaste Contains 5,000% Fluoride Linked to Cancer, Lower IQ

It appears to be very clear that there is an agenda to dumb down America by adding fluoride in our drinking water and many other products such as toothpaste. According to the EPA.gov there is a list of “Chemicals with Substantial Evidence of Developmental Neurotoxicity” and fluoride is on that list. According to the Medical […]

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Dr. Dean Burk – Fluoride Causes Cancer

What are your thoughts after watching this video? Do you think fluoride causes cancer? What are some things you will do differently?

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“The Police State” w/ Guest Brandon Turbeville – Flow of Wisdom Radio

Author Brandon Turbeville joins me again for another informative dialogue on Flow of Wisdom Radio.  We discuss China setting up camp so close to the U.S. and how that should raise an eye.  I share information on how the U.S. military has been providing local police departments with military equipment, which could be a sign of Martial […]

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Sean Anthony speaks w/ Author of “Seven Real Conspiracies” Brandon Turbeville

Flow of Wisdom Radio continues to expose more information that mainstream media usually will not cover. My guest, Brandon Turbeville  is an author out of Mullins, S.C.  He has had over 75 articles published dealing with a variety of subjects including health, economics, civil liberties, government corruption and other issues. Turbeville is the author of […]

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