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Richard Cain Interview Hour Two: Implanted w/ Nanotechnology & proof of being a Targeted Individual

The original air date of this show was June 7, 2015 hour two. The link to review the information in this interview is here: Information and documents shared from Richard Cain: https://flowofwisdom.com/2015/06/07/richard-cain-implanted-with-nanotechnology-documents-images-proof-of-being-a-targeted-individual/

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Targeted Individuals Speak Out HR2 Jaami (NY) Tyrone (StLouis) | FLOW OF WISDOM

This is hour two of my conversation with two targeted individuals that called into my show. Jaami from NY says she has been under a unique type of torture. She says she has been forced into sex trades and body modifications from nano-technology.   Support Rosanne who is being targeted. “Help Me to Survive State […]

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Targeted Individuals Speak Out – Tyrone Dew HR1 | FLOW OF WISDOM

During this show on February 22, 2015 Tyrone Dew called in to speak about Myron May, the Florida State University shooter and how May was hearing voices. He then began to share his own personal story of how he is being targeted. The constant torture, threats, ultimatums, extortion and more. Support Rosanne who is being […]

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