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WATCH: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. shares emotional testimonial on vaccines on black boys in America

While watching the video below of Robert Kennedy Jr., the word genocide comes to mind.  When I reflect on the history of events that have plagued my people, it becomes undeniable that there is clearly a sinister plot to eliminate black people, primarily black men on the planet. History has written that there have been public lynchings of […]

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FLOW OF WISDOM: The Corporate invasion of Africa – Ebola Diamonds (Interview with PD Lawton)

The original air date of this show was Sunday December 7, 2014 Hour one. My interview with PD Lawton covers the invasion of greedy corporations in Africa. It has been reported that they are using Ebola to pursue raw materials and resources such as a rare form of diamonds that the continent has to offer. […]

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Dr. Dean Burk – Fluoride Causes Cancer

What are your thoughts after watching this video? Do you think fluoride causes cancer? What are some things you will do differently?

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