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Mushrooms (Psilocybin) linked to Technology (Kilindi Iyi Interview)

THIS SHOW IS HEAVY! The original date of this broadcast was on January 14, 2016. Today I had back on the show Kilindi Iyi. He is known as an expert teacher in martial arts and travels the world speaking on magic mushrooms, psilocybin, hallucinogens etc.. We discuss the link between Psilocybin and technology. Listen to […]

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#3 CERN, D-Wave, Psilocybin in Silicon Valley and Technocracy

The original date of this broadcast was on February 12, 2017. During this broadcast I interviewed Kilindi Iyi on the subject of magic mushrooms and how hallucinogens are tied into the advancement of technology. Kilindi travels all over the world speaking on the subject. It has been reported that many in Silicon Valley are micro-dosing […]

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