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Jay Z – “that whole story in “D-Evils” is so serious” (2006)

Recently an old interview of Jay Z has surfaced on YouTube. The interview takes place around 2006 when he was the President of Def Jam. The line of questioning will really give perspective of what was going on in Hip Hop at the time. For example, this was when Jim Jones was going at Jay. […]

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Al Sharpton doesn’t speak for all Black people in America! – Sean Anthony

This is a message to white talk radio hosts continuously making statements referring to Reverend Al Sharpton edging black people on and inciting racial tension. Hopefully, this is a reality check. Black people of today are not listening to Al Sharpton. It is you talking heads on the radio that’s listening to him. It is […]

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How Hip Hop was Infiltrated (The Hidden Agenda)

Someone that supports the Flow of Wisdom movement sent me this video. The sound quality is not great, but very informative. The audio is of a man that appears to be a member of the Illuminati. He gives a detailed timeline of how the Illuminati infiltrated hip hop from the very beginning. During the mid-eighties, […]

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My Guest on FOWR -Video Producer, The Kid YungN

Check out the well produced video by The Kid YungN, who is a guest on my syndicated show Flow of Wisdom Radio! Leave a comment and share your thoughts

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