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Exposing the Catholic Church today on Flow Of Wisdom radio

I guess I’ll be opening another can today on ‪Flow Of Wisdom‬ ‪radio.‬ Exposin‬g the molestation, murder and child-trafficking‬ of the ‪Roman Catholic Church. My guest will be Kevin Annett. Please post your questions below. I will be live at 3-5PM eastern. Listen on a radio station near you or online here: http://www2.gcnlive.com/CMS/index.php/onair?type=onDem&show=62 Again, post […]

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BREAKING: Is First Lady caught in honey trap and being blackmailed?

Since interviewing Karen Hudes a few weeks ago on Flow of Wisdom Radio, she has continued to exhaust the alternative media with tons of interviews. I caught an interview done by TheForeRunner777 on youtube with a startling claim about the First Lady, Michelle Obama. She states that the first lady was caught in a honey […]

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FLOW OF WISDOM: Whistleblower expose Jesuit and Vatican ties to banking corruption

On the most recent episode of Flow of Wisdom Radio, I had an opportunity to interview Mrs. Karen Hudes. Karen served as the Sr. Council for the World Bank for at least two decades. During her tenor at the World Bank she uncovers corruption and was then fired illegally. During the interview, we discuss how […]

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