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The People Speak Out! Overdose on marijuana? vs Prescription Drugs Hour Two

During the second hour of Flow Of Wisdom which aired on January 03, 2016, we continue the discussion on the legalization of marijuana. I also go into depth on the harmful affects of prescription drugs. There have been reports of more drug overdose with prescription drugs than marijuana. According to the recent article in the […]

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Double Standard in Media & Medicinal Marijuana vs Big Pharma Hour One

For the first live show of 2016 I discussed how there is a blatant double standard in the media. The controversial issue of the legalization of marijuana vs the harmful effects of prescription drugs. The phones calls from my listeners is what was really interesting. They chimed in on these subjects and more. Listen to […]

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Marijuana: Legal or Illegal?

First let me begin this blog by stating that I am not a smoker. However, during my late teenage years, during and after college I would “partake” quite frequently. Nonetheless, there has been an ongoing discussion about the legalization of marijuana. With a struggling economy and health care troubling most U.S. citizens the argument has […]

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