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6 Corporations control the U.S. media

With the emergence of alternative media over the past five years, one must ask, why is this so. The average American may not notice or even care that a majority of today’s media is spewed out of a faucet of only six major corporations. You may have your favorite news outlet, but it’s a good […]

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“IF IT BLEEDS IT LEADS” NEWSROOM CULTURE UNVEILED BY EMMY AWARD-WINNING JOURNALIST BEN SWANN ON FLOW OF WISDOM RADIO January 12, 2014—On this week’s Flow of Wisdom (FOW) Radio Show with Sean Anthony, Emmy Award-Winning Investigative Journalist, Ben Swann, discussed details behind media newsroom culture and the motto, “If It Bleeds It Leads.” Swann explained […]

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CBS Reports President Obama Winning 2012 Presidential Election Weeks Before It’s Even Held

I have some questions for you. After watching this video, do you think this will be a fair and honest election? Do you think the election will be tampered? Please leave your comments below and share this link with others.

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News Headlines vs Reality

I found an excellent article on Activist Post.com that gives the breakdown of how exaggerated the media is with reporting murder and violence compared to the real numbers of how much violent crimes actually occur. Activist Post: “Murder, Shootings, Stabbings and Assaults overwhelmingly dominate crime news coverage The media covers these types of crime 20-30% […]

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