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Gray State: “The Rise” (Rough Cut) Directed by David Crowley


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Caller from Chicago: “they’re letting this disease run wild & why are our borders still open?”

The original air date of this show was Oct. 12, 2014 Hour two. A gentleman called in from Chicago to express his sentiments regarding the previous callers comments. He also shared his thoughts on the decision of our governments lack of efforts on protecting the U.S. border and citizens from ebola.

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FLOW OF WISDOM: Excessive Police Force on the Rise (HR1)

  With the militarization of Police departments across the country and the rise of excessive police force, the question is are they preparing for martial law? During this episode I discuss several stories that’s making the news plus more. Listen to Flow of Wisdom Radio Live Sundays 3 – 5:00 PM EST on GCNLive.com Call […]

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Flow Of Wisdom Caller says we SHOULD take the Mark of the Beast – (Hour 2)

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FOWR: Islamic Mass in Rome, Anti-Christ, Callers from NYC, VA & NC

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Local Utah police gets grenade launchers and more from D.O.D.

The militarization of local police departments across the country continues to grow each year. As the US. Department of Defense continues to pass down their old used military equipment to local police departments, my question is what new equipment does the D.O.D. have? The Utah highway patrol received a MRAP, which is a U.S. Army […]

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How close are we to Martial Law in the U.S.?

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FLOW OF WISDOM:Rev Michelle Hopkins Alert! Puerto Rico Possible Comet Threat, ISON and MORE (Hour1)

Flow of Wisdom Radio welcome Rev Michelle Hopkins back for another informative show. During this episode we discuss the threat of a comet or meteor shower to hit Puerto Rico. Numerous reports have been pouring in. Also, 1,000’s of people are reported to be having the same dream of a comet hitting Puerto Rico and […]

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MUST WATCH VIDEO: Police Demanded to enter Home without a warrant

This is How Police State Looks in Dekalb County GA YouTube “On July 26, 2013 at 2:00 AM Dekalb County Sheriffs Department illegally entered the home of Donovan Hall and Natania Griffin in Ellenwood GA. For nearly an hour they demanded to enter without a warrant, and while announcing the wrong address. Although difficult to […]

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FLOW OF WISDOM: Disaster Government w/ Brian Tuohy (FEMA, EO’s and more)

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Machine Gun Fire from Military Helicopters Over Downtown Miami

The local Miami News reports that the black helicopters seen flying low in downtown Miami is just a military drill with the local police. This was not the first “drill” that was reported in Miami. For me, it raises quite a few questions. Looking at the recent reports last year of the Department of Homeland […]

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About a week ago, rapper and guest on Flow of Wisdom Radio David Banner, tweeted a picture on his Instagram stating, “150 tanks on a train – I wonder where they are going.” Now this video pops up on Youtube of hundreds of tanks on the train in motion. Not sure if these are the same […]

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U.N Troops In America Carrying Out Martial Law Drills For Years

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Flow of Wisdom Radio 07/08/2012

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