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McAfee call Russia attacks “a fallacy”

(Image source: Screen shot from YouTube.com/RT America) Politicking with Larry King on RT. John McAfee was interviewed by Larry King and responds to King’s question “does he think Russia attacked the Democratic National Party.” His response to that question is at the 9:38 mark.

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Facebook tracks all written messages, posted or not study

Interesting read about this study regarding Facebook and details of the data they collect from its They know what you type even if you delete it and never post.  Another interesting note is, they say men sensor their post more than women. More women tend to type without filtering their thoughts than men. http://rt.com/usa/facebook-tracks-everything-written-posted-394/

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Tech Companies are Developping TV’s that Watch You

Last night I was just telling someone that the latest technology of smart phones, video games and televisions are watching us. The person laughed as if I was joking, but there was no smile on my chocolate face. This invasive technology is truly intruding our privacy. Check out this article by Vigilant Citizen. Tech Companies […]

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Flow of Wisdom Radio “Executive Orders & NSA Spy Center” [PODCAST]

This show provided information on the latest Executive Order signed by President Obama.  I explain how these orders will be executed and what role FEMA plays and how Martial Law will come into effect. I then go into detail about the new “Spy Center” that is being built by the NSA in Bluffdale, Utah. This […]

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Flow of Wisdom Radio Recap 03-25-2012 (Executive Orders & NSA Spy Center)

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Stepanovich: ‘NSA are spying on the United States’

Amie Stepanovich will be my guest on Flow of Wisdom Radio tomorrow to discuss this topic in detail. Amie is the Legal Counsel for EPIC.org.

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