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Hanson Robotics Race to Mass Produce Humanoid Robots During Pandemic

The original date of this live radio broadcast was on February 14, 2021. Listen to Flow Of Wisdom Radio Live Sundays 3 – 5:00 PM EST on a radio station near you! It also, streams live on GCNLive.com Call in 877-300-7645. http://flowofwisdom.com​ Flow Of Wisdom with Sean Anthony is a syndicated, ground-breaking radio talk show […]

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This is the most disturbing interview I have witnessed

Since the exposure of Pizza Gate from the Podesta Wikileak emails, the occult practices have become more in the forefront on social media. Below is an old segment from 60 minutes. It is an interview with a young girl who’s grandmother forced her into dark occult vile rituals. This is very disturbing, but it must […]

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What is the significance of the blood? Marina Abramovic, The Occult & Religion

The original broadcast of this show was December 11, 2016. During this show I look at what the fascination is with blood in most occult circles.  I also take a look at Marina Abramovic who was caught up in the Podesta Wikileak email scandal. Podesta who’s the chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign was emailed by Abramovic, […]

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Occult Satanic crimes – Russ Dizdar Interview Hour 2 | FLOW OF WISDOM

This hour two of my interview with Russ Dizdar. Russ is a former police chaplain and an ordained minister. He uncovers some of the evil satanic rituals behind a lot of crimes committed. One story in particular was the news story in Indiana that he and his team actually visited. “A terrified mother claims she […]

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Occult Satanic crimes – Russ Dizdar Interview Part 1 | FLOW OF WISDOM

This interview is with Russ Dizdar former police chaplain, ordained minister. He uncovers some of the evil satanic rituals behind a lot of crimes done. Listen as Russ explains what he’s seen from his 30 plus years in this field. Occult Satanic crimes – Russ Dizdar Interview Part 2 | FLOW OF WISDOM

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Former Witch shares origin of Halloween activities (Bobbing for apples, trick or treat & more)

This is hour two of my topic that aired on October 26, 2014 on the “Truth about Halloween.” This interview is with Doc Marquis, who is a former master witch and occult member of the Illuminati. Doc explains how certain rituals during Halloween came into fruition. These activities may seem fun like bobbing for apples […]

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Daughter of Satanic programmer exposes what really goes on during Halloween

My guest Cisco Wheeler was raised in the occult and warns everyone not to allow their children to partake in the pagan holiday, Halloween. During this show, Cisco shares some harsh memories of what took place behind the scenes within the occult. During a previous conversation with Cisco she told me that this time of […]

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My guest called me crying about today’s topic – Warns not to send children out for Halloween

Listen to Flow Of Wisdom radio on Sunday Oct. 26, 2014 3pm-5pm eastern as I will expose the truth about Halloween. My guests will be Cisco Wheeler and Doc Marquis. Both were members in the satanic occult and are now born-again believers in Christ. While recording this promo, Cisco called me crying. You can hear […]

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Sean Anthony Interviews Professor Griff on Flow of Wisdom Radio

Recently, I had a chance to speak with Professor Griff of the Legendary rap group Public Enemy. Lately his popularity has been due to the many videos posted of his lectures and interviews on YouTube. His out-spoken words and candid approach tackles the topics of the hidden agenda of the NWO, Secret Societies and symbolism […]

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