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Rapper Immortal Technique on Flow of Wisdom Radio

I had a great conversation with one of the great minds in Hip Hop, Immortal Technique. We discussed his views on President Obama, the current Republican front-runners, the Occupy Movement, our Government, Hip Hop and more. Enjoy! Join me on my NEW page Facebook.com/flowofwisdom Twitter.com/Sean_Anthony

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The People Speak Out About #Occupy WallStreet

This is a clip of some callers from Cincinnati, Ohio, Richmond, Va and abroad chiming in on the Occupy movement.

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Immortal Technique Speaks on Occupy Wall Street

Often times the media tends to put the camera in the face of a rapper who is usually inarticulate and uneducated on the specific topic at hand. However, RT News shines light on a rapper that is not only articulate but educated on the issues that plague our country, America. Below is an extended full […]

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Occupy Wall Street on FOW Radio

Here is the podcast of an interesting conversation I had about Occupy Wall Street. Some good information was shared and as always the callers made some insightful points. Check it out and share.

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