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The Pope, First Robot-Run Hotel & Earthquake Warning | FLOW OF WISDOM HR1

The original broadcast of this show was July 19, 2015 hour one. ONE-WORLD RELIGION: 25 QUOTES ABOUT THE COMING NWO ONE WORLD RELIGION https://flowofwisdom.com/2015/07/19/one-world-religion-25-quotes-about-the-coming-nwo-one-world-religion/ FOX NEWS REPORTS ON NEW YORKER ARTICLE WARNING OF MAJOR EARTHQUAKE https://flowofwisdom.com/2015/07/16/fox-news-reports-on-new-yorker-article-warning-of-major-earthquake/ First Robot-Run Hotel Opens in Japan to Save Money on Paying Human Staff Read more at: http://tr.im/sBv4i https://flowofwisdom.com/2015/07/21/first-robot-run-hotel-opens-in-japan-to-save-money-on-paying-human-staff/ GAY […]

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Christianity + Islam = Chrislam, Bible versions & Prophecy|FLOW OF WISDOM

Photo Source: NowTheEndBegins.com This is part two of my interview with the editor-in-chief of NowTheEndBegins.com, Geoffrey Grider. We cover the emergence of Christianity and Islam being fused together spearheaded by mega church pastor Rick Warren to bring about a One World Religion.

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Christian, Muslim and Buddhist leaders to Join ‘Pope Francis’ for a Conference

I must be honest with you, something does not set right in my spirit when I read this article. Best selling author and Pastor, Rick Warren along with many other leaders across the globe will come together to meet with Pope Francis. The more I unravel the deceit and corruption stemming from the infrastructure of […]

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