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This is the most disturbing interview I have witnessed

Since the exposure of Pizza Gate from the Podesta Wikileak emails, the occult practices have become more in the forefront on social media. Below is an old segment from 60 minutes. It is an interview with a young girl who’s grandmother forced her into dark occult vile rituals. This is very disturbing, but it must […]

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What is the significance of the blood? Marina Abramovic, The Occult & Religion

The original broadcast of this show was December 11, 2016. During this show I look at what the fascination is with blood in most occult circles.  I also take a look at Marina Abramovic who was caught up in the Podesta Wikileak email scandal. Podesta who’s the chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign was emailed by Abramovic, […]

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Stats show rise of Missing Children with no photos in VA #PizzaGate

The original date of this broadcast was on December 04, 2016. This was a very difficult show to do. I discussed the vile reports surrounding #PizzaGate.  As well as disturbing stats on the rise of missing children in Virginia compared to other states like Texas. The two disturbing facts that raises an eye is the point […]

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