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Assad, Syria and North Korea | Brandon Turbeville Interview

The original date of this live broadcast was on April 23, 2017. ‎ The focus of this show is on the recent bombing from the United States on Syria. My guest, Brandon Turbeville who is an author and journalist who recently traveled to Syria, shares his first-hand experience and interactions with the Syrian people. Brandon […]

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Proof that most news outlets are scripted

The always hilarious Conan O’Brien put together clips of newscasts clearly reading from the same script. See if you can notice the different networks in the two-minute clip.

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Life In Gaza Explained

I think it is very important for Americans to understand the harsh reality of what the Palestinian people are going through. It is a good chance you’ve heard the Gaza strip mentioned many times in the news. It is that small strip of land located between Israel and the Mediterranean Sea. Most of the mainstream […]

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