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The Dark Secret of A.I. | Mind-Reading Technology

Original date of this broadcast was on April 30, 2017. This show was focused on a concerning aspect of artificial intelligence which is machine learning. Engineers and programmers of this technology don’t know how the most advanced algorithms do what they do. The experts are saying consistently that it could be a problem. The inability […]

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Artificial Intelligence vs Humanity

The original broadcast of this show was on March 12, 2017. Subjects discussed was Is AI a threat to Christianity? The recent Wikileaks regarding the CIA and Samsung products spying on you. A breakdown on machine learning. Hour One Hour Two

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#3 CERN, D-Wave, Psilocybin in Silicon Valley and Technocracy

The original date of this broadcast was on February 12, 2017. During this broadcast I interviewed Kilindi Iyi on the subject of magic mushrooms and how hallucinogens are tied into the advancement of technology. Kilindi travels all over the world speaking on the subject. It has been reported that many in Silicon Valley are micro-dosing […]

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International perspective on U.S. media & Turkey President says he has proof U.S. is behind ISIS

The original broadcast for this show was on January 1, 2017. Fake news is in all the headlines. The major media outlets have been pumping out the narrative that Russia is behind the rigging of the Presidential election. Political figures, CIA, FBI are all reporting this, yet Russia and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange says he […]

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Stats show rise of Missing Children with no photos in VA #PizzaGate

The original date of this broadcast was on December 04, 2016. This was a very difficult show to do. I discussed the vile reports surrounding #PizzaGate.  As well as disturbing stats on the rise of missing children in Virginia compared to other states like Texas. The two disturbing facts that raises an eye is the point […]

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After the Election

The original date of this broadcast was November 13, 2016. During this broadcast I give a breakdown on why Trump won the election.  I go into detail on how social engineering is in full swing. People underestimated Trumps strong knowledge and influence with the media due to his relationship with Roger Ailes and Fox News, […]

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I have a very heavy heart…

Today’s broadcast of Flow of Wisdom will be dedicated to one of the associate producers of the show, Terry “Reezzo” Jackson.  Terry passed away early Saturday morning after a battle with cancer. Reezzo played a very instrumental role in the progression of Flow Of Wisdom.  He was responsible for downloading each show, editing it and […]

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Portals in Space – National Geographic Photographer Wilbur Allen

October 9, 2016 on Flow Of Wisdom Radio I was joined by photographer and UFO researcher, Wilbur Allen.  Wilbur and I discussed portals in space and his documentation proving it. Get familiar with who Wilbur Allen is; Lead UFO Reseacher at NBCUniversal/The Weather Channel Scientist/Analyst/Field Researcher at The History Channel Expedition Team Leader: AREA 51 […]

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Big Sean, Jeezy, Jadakiss – “Listen to Flow of Wisdom Radio!”

Pay attention to what some of the biggest names in Hip Hop is saying about Flow Of Wisdom Radio. Tune in live on a radio station near you and streaming online at GCNLive.com Be apart of the show and CALL IN! 1-877-300-7645.  If you don’t have access to the internet, you can listen on your phone […]

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Orlando Night Club Shooting | FLOW OF WISDOM

If you missed the show yesterday, here ya go. Enjoy and share! #flowofwisdom

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Chicago: Where are the guns coming from?

The original air date of this broadcast was June 5, 2016. During this episode of Flow Of Wisdom, I go a little deeper on the root of why so many guns have infiltrated one of the strictest states on gun laws. A subject not often covered consistently in other media outlets. Usually you hear about the […]

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#5 CERN, Portals, Avatars and the 2045 Initiative

This broadcast aired live on May 22, 2016. In the latest episode on CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, the search for dark matter and new information regarding China,  I also uncover another fascinating new technology called the 2045 initiative. The technology that this Russian Billionaire is set to accomplish is similar to several movies you may have seen in Hollywood, […]

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#3 CERN, Portals and Ley Lines

As I continue my series on CERN and Portals I share some interesting information surrounding the Republican Convention set to take place in Cleveland in July. In addition, more information on the Large Hadron Collider, Portals and Vortex from another perspective. Hour One Hour Two

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CERN, Portals and Ley Lines #1

This is the first of a new series on CERN, the Hadron Collider in Switzerland. I will go into detail each week and explore the agenda of the scientist at CERN. I will also explore the significance of Portals and Ley Lines. These subjects are rather heavy and deep, yet very interesting. Hour One Hour […]

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#5 The Boule, Steve Cokely and the Round Table

My series on the Boule concludes with an interview with Robert X from Chicago. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and help you have a better understanding of how many of these organizations assist one another with furthering their agenda. Hour One Hour Two

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