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#2 Cryonics – Transhumanism (Scientist at Northwestern built a robot with menstrual cycle)

The original broadcast of this episode was April 9, 2017. This show is about science, medicine and how tech billionaires have invested collectively billions of dollars into the extension of life. Defying death is the goal using advanced technology, nanotechnology, bionics and artificial intelligence. A company called Humai wants to use bionics, nanotechnology and artificial […]

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Scientist Discover ‘Space Junk’ that will Plunge to Earth

According to nature.com researchers found space junk that is heading our way.  It is calculated to fall off the southern tip of Sri Lanka on November 13th.  Click the hyperlink to read the article below, which I find fascinating.  I’ve always been intrigued with astrology since I was a kid. Nature.com – “Incoming space junk a […]

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