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Pentagon UFO Projects and Parallel Universe

The original date of this live broadcast was on December 17, 2017. Topics discussed: NY Times article on Black Money projects from the Pentagon on UFO’s. CERN, Large Hadron Collider, parallel universes and more. Listen to Flow Of Wisdom Radio Live Sundays 3 – 5:00 PM EST on a radio station near you! It also, […]

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Wilbur Allen explains his footage of UFO morphing into something else

The original air date of this show was May 10, 2015 hour two. My guest is Wilbur Allen (photographer/UFO expert). His website is ufodc.com. Listen to Flow of Wisdom Radio Live Sundays 3 – 5:00 PM EST on a radio station near you! Also, streaming live on GCNLive.com Call in 877-300-7645. Listen live here.

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Russia blew the whistle on HAARP created to make Space Wormholes

My guest Wilbur Allen (photographer/UFO expert) says that Russia was the first to come out stating that HAARP technology was created to make wormholes in space to travel into other galaxies. The original air date of this clip was May 10,2015 hour one.

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What in the high heavens is this????

My friend Wilbur Allen, photographer and UFO expert never cease to amaze me with the footage he is always able to capture. Keep in mind, these objects he tends to capture are all in the same direction, all the same airspace, which is 7 blocks from the White HOuse, 11 blocks from the US Capitol […]

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FLOW OF WISDOM: Genetically Modified Humans? Nazi Germany behind UFO’s? Interview w/ Doc Marquis

Have you ever heard of genetically modified humans? Some people may think that this type of thing does not exist. My guest Doc Marquis said he has seen first hand in underground Illuminati facilities literally blobs of flesh with arms and legs. Humans being held in test tubes during the 1980’s. Doc also shares his […]

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Twisted Believers:Tornado Alley Wilbur Allen UFOs

UFO researcher and photographer Wilbur Allen, whom is a frequent guest on “Flow Of Wisdom” appeared on the Weather Channel’s new show “Twisted Believers.” Wilbur Allen lends his research for the show suggesting that UFO’s use the energy from violent electrical storms to harvest the energy. He also mentions that “we have evidence that indicate […]

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What in the high Heavens is this? – IS THIS A CHEM-BOMB BEING DROPPED NEAR SAN DIEGO????

Source – Crrow777 YouTube Published on Jan 17, 2014 “What is this that exploded near San Diego? I filmed this while filming chem planes spraying very low and the object appeared after the second, higher, trail was laid. Whatever fell from the object rained down into a very urban area full of houses. I have […]

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Uncovering Aliens: Sedona AZ UFO and Wilbur Allen

Friend of Flow of Wisdom Radio, Wilbur Allen makes his appearance on a new TV show on Discovery’s Animal Planet called “Uncovering Aliens.” On this episode, the cast takes a trip to Sedona, Arizona to explore the most active UFO sightings in the country. They feature Wilbur Allen’s Sedona research http://ufodc.com/page%2017.html According to Wilbur, he […]

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Former Sen. Mike Gravel says ET & UFO Cover-up Starts at the White House

UFOs over Wyoming. Evidence of ETs. These are not just the subjects of books and movies, but a conspiracy of government cover-up. Six former congress representatives, including Former Sen. Mike Gravel, heard first hand accounts of UFO sightings and extra-terrestrial visits from military officers. Gravel tells Top Line the cover-up “goes right to the White […]

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What Is This? Military Aircraft? Drone? UFO?

Disclose.tv – Mysterious ‘UFO truckload’ moved through central Illinois

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UFO Sightings Continue Over Blue Springs, MO

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To truly understand the work of UFO expert Will Allen, one must have been previously abducted by aliens and implanted with a psychic ability to receive direction from extra-terrestrial forces. His incredible story is not easily understood by people who require a live sample or alien life artifacts to believe that civilization exists outside of […]

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