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Cosby jokes about drugging women in stand up

The clean wholesome image of Bill Cosby is quickly declining with allegations of drugging women and raping them. Listen to this joke from his stand up album from 1969 talking about Spanish Fly.”

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Why Do Men Cheat?

Excellent show on Flow of Wisdom Radio today. Shout outs to all the people who commented on Why Men Cheat on my facebook, twitter, and especially those who called in to talk with me about it! Here’s some information about my special guest, Licensed Private Investigator Robert Jones:  You can reach him on JonesInvestigations.org, or […]

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Is Chivalry Dead?

On my talk show, “The Power of One Voice” I asked the question if chivalry was dead. I received some very interesting responses. After 45 minutes into my show, an African called in to say that his culture treats their women like queens, unlike Americans. I then asked him if any race stood out that mistreat […]

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