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#4 CERN, Portals and Ley Lines

This broadcast of Flow Of Wisdom radio was aired live on May 15, 2016. During this broadcast, I continue my series on CERN, the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, I go over information sent to me from Cisco Wheeler. Cisco is a former occult member. The information is regarding vortex and ley lines that are […]

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Did CERN Open up a Portal?

This is the article I shared on the show today. The Inquisitr.com After scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) powered up the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) — the world’s largest particle accelerator — earlier in the week, following a disruption allegedly caused by a weasel, conspiracy theorists have raised alarm that yet […]

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#2 CERN, Portals and Ley Lines

As I continue my series on the subject of CERN, Portals and Ley Lines, the conversation becomes even more intriguing. As listeners call into the show from across the U.S. some very compelling stories are shared on this weeks broadcast. In the beginning of the show I tie in how science and religion are merging. […]

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Part 2 of the Series: The Boule, Steve Cokely and the Round Table

On yesterday’s episode of Flow Of Wisdom, I pick right up where I left off on my series about the Boule. During this broadcast I go into more details on the once secret black fraternity Sigma Pi Phi, known as the Boule. This elite organization has some of the most brilliant, wealthy and successful black […]

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Interview with Hip Hop Legend Do It All (Lords of the Underground)

Last week March 6, 2016 on Flow Of Wisdom radio, I had an opportunity to speak with “DoItAll” (Du Kelly) 1/3 of the legendary platinum hip hop group Lords of the Underground.  If you are a hip hop fan then you will enjoy this. We had a great conversation about his community outreach, non-profit organization […]

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The Modern State of Israel and Biblical Prophecy

On Sunday February 28, 2016 I had an opportunity to speak with author Salim Haddad about his new book entitled, “The Modern State of Israel and Biblical Prophecy”. During the interview we first discussed his perspective on today’s media portrayal of Syria in the west compared to what he personally knows through relationships and being […]

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Compelling story from Julie Busby who was forced into a psych ward

This show originally aired live on Feb 14, 2016. My interview with author Julie Busby shares her chilling story of demonic attacks and spiritual warfare and being admitted into a psych ward conspired by her husband. Her book “Running with Tears: Turning your Pain into Passion” is available on Amazon.com. Part One Part Two Listen […]

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Electronic Harassment – ‘Targeted Individual’ Former Secret Service Hour Two

My second hour on today’s broadcast (Dec. 13, 2015) covers another individual who has been targeted. Donald Jackson says he began getting targeted once he was hired as a Secret Service to the White House. Jackson believes the directed energy weapons began attacking his body after an encounter with an exotic dancer. Hour Two

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Electronic Harassment – ‘Targeted Individual’ Richard Cain Hour One

Richard Cain returns to Flow Of Wisdom radio to update me with the latest of his fight against being a Targeted individual. If you missed my first interview with Richard, be sure to go back and listen to it because it is very informative and shocking with documentation to back up his claims! You can […]

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Satanic Temple offers Protection, Gun Control & more! Hour One

Check out this heavy phone interactive show, recently on Flow Of Wisdom radio. I reported that the Satanic Temple Minneapolis is showing compassion to Muslims that may be “afraid to leave their home out of fear for some kind of backlash.” So I asked callers, would you accept their offer if it were you? I […]

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“The Moon Landing was fake and the Earth is not flat” Hour Two

If you thought the first hour was interesting, then you will enjoy the second hour. Bart Sibrel believes that the moon landing was a hoax and during this portion of the interview he excitedly explains why he believes that the earth is a sphere and not flat. Sibrel also says that the theory of the […]

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Today on Flow Of Wisdom: I’ll speak with Former Cold/Gulf War Vet, and former Federal Agent

Today I will talk to a former Federal Officer who served in the Cold War in the Army, the Gulf War as a Marine. He also served in the National Guard and currently is a contractor or shall we just say, a mercenary. We will discuss several raids by the ATF on gun manufactures that […]

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Richard Cain Interview Hour One: Implanted w/ Nanotechnology & proof of being a Targeted Individual

The original air date of this show was June 7, 2015 hour one. The link to review the information in this interview is below the video. Please share this link and post your comments below. Information and documents shared from Richard Cain: https://flowofwisdom.com/2015/06/07/richard-cain-implanted-with-nanotechnology-documents-images-proof-of-being-a-targeted-individual/

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Occult Satanic crimes – Russ Dizdar Interview Part 1 | FLOW OF WISDOM

This interview is with Russ Dizdar former police chaplain, ordained minister. He uncovers some of the evil satanic rituals behind a lot of crimes done. Listen as Russ explains what he’s seen from his 30 plus years in this field. Occult Satanic crimes – Russ Dizdar Interview Part 2 | FLOW OF WISDOM

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Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s island hide-away for Pedophilia ring exposed

Screen Shot: http://www.mirror.co.uk Here is another story that will more than likely get covered up from main stream media. A billionaire is caught and exposed AGAIN on using his private jets and island get-away for him and his pedophile friends. With someone as powerful and wealthy as Epstein, you would think this would be all […]

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