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FLOW OF WISDOM: Human Hunting Parties, cops, judges, social workers linked to child-trafficking 2/2

Ephesian 5:11 “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” This is part two of my interview with Kevin Annett exposing the trafficking, rape and murder of children under the helm of the Catholic Church. During this hour of the interview, Kevin exposes how cops, judges and social workers […]

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Exposing the Catholic Church today on Flow Of Wisdom radio

I guess I’ll be opening another can today on ‪Flow Of Wisdom‬ ‪radio.‬ Exposin‬g the molestation, murder and child-trafficking‬ of the ‪Roman Catholic Church. My guest will be Kevin Annett. Please post your questions below. I will be live at 3-5PM eastern. Listen on a radio station near you or online here: http://www2.gcnlive.com/CMS/index.php/onair?type=onDem&show=62 Again, post […]

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Flow Of Wisdom November 16, 2014 Hour One

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Christian, Muslim and Buddhist leaders to Join ‘Pope Francis’ for a Conference

I must be honest with you, something does not set right in my spirit when I read this article. Best selling author and Pastor, Rick Warren along with many other leaders across the globe will come together to meet with Pope Francis. The more I unravel the deceit and corruption stemming from the infrastructure of […]

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Bizarre update on death of Bishop Tony Palmer

The Forerunner Chronicles is keeping us in the loop on his findings regarding the death of Bishop Tony Palmer. I’ll admit when I first received the news about Palmer dying in a motorcycle accident, I was shocked! I thought it was very strange to have happened after such a monumental moment of him being the […]

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The impact of Bishop Tony Palmer’s death & the Ecumenical movement

Source: YouTube.com/TheForeRunner777 How will the death of Bishop Tony Palmer impact the progress of the Ecumenical movement and the development of the IMAGE OF THE BEAST?

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BREAKING: Friend of Pope Francis, Tony Palmer dies in Motorcycle crash

Messages of Condolence Posted July 21, 2014 by James Green — 22 Comments Dear Friends and Companions, It is with deepest sadness that I inform you that +Tony Palmer went to be with Jesus yesterday evening. +Tony died from injuries sustained in a motorbike accident yesterday morning and although surgeons tried to save him for […]

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are watching the formation of the One World Church right before our eyes. READ THE NEWS REPORTS BELOW…. THIS SUNDAY, THE VATICAN WILL HAVE ISLAMIC MASS IN ROME…   Islamic prayers to be held at the Vatican English.alarabiya.net Staff writer, Al Arabyia News Friday, 6 June 2014 For the first time […]

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