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25 Year Radio Veteran, Sean Anthony is the Host of "Flow of Wisdom Radio." It airs live Sundays 3p-5p EST on the GCN Radio Networks (gcnlive.com.) Call in 877-300-7645. He is also the author of "Conversations With Hip Hop" available on Amazon.com

When will people realize GeoEngineering is real?

Chemtrails in RVA 12/01/2012

Chemtrails in RVA @FlowofWisdom Instagram

When will people realize that all of the weather anomalies occurring across the U.S. is not normal. Trajectory of storms are being guided in directions that goes against the jet stream and it’s leaving your local meteorologist looking confused and inaccurate. I’ve covered the subject of CHEMTRAILS and geoengineering numerous time on my radio show.

I’ve interviewed experts and individuals that have studied this phenomenon and with all the data and facts available many still do not believe that a small group of people would do such sinister acts to manipulate the weather.  I know it sounds far-fetched like a GI Joe cartoon episode when Cobra uses its “Weather Dominator.”

It is a fact that China created artificial snow. According to The Guardian, “Chinese weather experts claim to have triggered the first artificial snow showers by releasing tiny particles into clouds over the Tibetan plateau.”

If you still can’t fathom the possibility that one would manipulate the weather, check out what the
Mayor of Moscow did just so it wouldn’t “rain on his parade” literally!

Listen to this interview with geoengineering expert Dane Wigington on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. By the way, I have Dane confirmed to join me on Flow of Wisdom Radio on Sunday March 2, 2014 at 3 PM est.

Get informed about CHEMTRAILS and geoengineering on Dane’s website http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org

The information shared during this interview is more than alarming, it’s frightening. Please educate yourself, share with others and hope and pray for the best. Some of the points mentioned during this interview:

  • “there’s a mountain of metal raining down on us…period”  which is nano particulates that causes more damage.
  • Aquatic insect life has declined the last 10 plus years due to attribute to the metals of these programs.
  • 50,000% increase of aluminum in rain.
  • Respiratory mortality in the continental U.S. went from 8th on the list to 3rd.

Remember, some will believe, some won’t … so what. Just keep it moving.

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3 Comments on “When will people realize GeoEngineering is real?”

  1. darsi16 February 22, 2014 at 3:46 am #

    learn to mitigate CHEMTRAILS by building an ionic fan.
    A friend from Brazil who has had success busting chemtrails offered to show how it’s done but only on a private blog. Join bustachemcloud.wordpress.com. send me your user name or email for an invite.
    ” One of the goals of chemtrails is to provoke artificial storms through agglutination of humidity. Our equipment can greatly decrease the effect that, by changing the electrical charge of the metal ions contained on the trails through the crystals.”
    We must act NOW or it’s already too late!

    Please forward this to anyone you feel may be interested. Thank you very much!

    We are in this together!

    (Ven Cardo I Paratron)


    • rosemary March 31, 2014 at 11:01 am #

      I would rather pray GOD BRINGS them DOWN!Let destruction come upon them and my soul shall be joyful in the LORD its coming PLEAD my cause ,O LORD with them that strive with with me :fight against them that fight against me Psalm35!!


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