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China claims to have successfully tested a multi-warhead ICBM able to hit entire US

As I sit here with my head in my hand and to think most Americans are worried about the internal conflicts, which is rightfully understood, yet many have no clue as to all the measures that are currently being set in place that is much bigger.

China News

PLA launches a Dongfeng-31 missile in field training. PLA launches a Dongfeng-31 missile in field training.

The following is based on reports in Chinese media, with commentary:

Mil.huanqiu.com says in its report that China successfully tested its DF-41 ICBM with multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV) technology, able to hit anywhere in the United States.

According to the report, it was the third test launche of China’s newest ICBM DF-41 that has a range of 7,486 miles enough to reach anywhere in the United States. However, the report says that the MIRV technology was not tested in the two previous tests.

The successful test of the DF-41 with MIRV technology is a breakthrough in China’s development of strategic nuclear weapons. Now, the entire United States is vulnerable to China’s strategic nuclear weapons, difficult to intercept due to MIRV.

According to the report, a DF-41 can carry 10 MIRV warheads.

Moreover, China has been updating its DF-5…

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