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Recovering from Autism: “We found arsenic, mercury & lead in our son from the MMR vaccine” HR1

The original air date of this show was Aug 2, 2015 Hour One. Below listen to my interview with author Teri Brogan as she shares some details about her book “Recovering From Autism.” Teri gives a heartbreaking testimony on how autism affected her and her husbands’ life. After taking their son to the doctors for […]

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Women: Would you get a birth control microchip that turns off & on remotely?

Photo Source: DeesIllustration Bill Gates Foundation Announces Implantable Remote Controlled Contraceptive Microchip That Can Last Up To 16 Years – WorldTruthTV Ladies, would you get this advanced technology implanted in your body that can be remotely turned off and on for 16 years? Would this be convenient for you? Would this help you better plan […]

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