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Why Do Men Cheat?

Excellent show on Flow of Wisdom Radio today. Shout outs to all the people who commented on Why Men Cheat on my facebook, twitter, and especially those who called in to talk with me about it! Here’s some information about my special guest, Licensed Private Investigator Robert Jones:  You can reach him on, or […]

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Women who pursue men with Money…

In light of the Tiger Woods story, people have strong opinions about his situation.  So I decided to bring up the issue on my talk show in regards to women that pursue men who have money. Could it be a lack of self-esteem?  The phone calls that came in were very interesting… One lady called […]

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Is Chivalry Dead?

On my talk show, “The Power of One Voice” I asked the question if chivalry was dead. I received some very interesting responses. After 45 minutes into my show, an African called in to say that his culture treats their women like queens, unlike Americans. I then asked him if any race stood out that mistreat […]

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Black Men and Depression

Do black men get depressed? Of course! Why is it masked? Is it because of the male ego or just lack of knowledge? On the Power of One Voice we will be discussing this very topic. Here are some signs of depression to look for: Significant weight loss when not dieting or weight gain (i.e., […]

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Domestic Violence: How do we prevent it?

Award winning author Marala Scott of the very powerful book “In Our House” will be joining me this Sunday on my weekly talk show “The Power Of One Voice” 9am on We will not only discuss her riveting story of overcoming an extremely abusive household, but how she is paving the way to prevent […]

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Why Get Married???

TODAY AT 9AM on “The Power of One Voice” on I will be asking the question “Why get married?” With infidelity and divorce rates high, what is the true meaning of “holy matrimony?” Please leave your comments.

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Black men, white women, what’s wrong with that?

Sunday May 24th 9am on my show “The Power of One Voice” on WCDX We will discuss interracial relationships. Why do some black men date white women? Why do black women get upset when they do? Let’s continue the dialouge about an issue that has been discussed for years.

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