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Take a look inside the Large Hadron Collider

The worlds largest machine, straddling the Swiss French border ranging 17 miles. The large hadron collider smashes sub-atomic particles near the speed of light. Using just under 10,000 magnets which is reported to be 100,000 times more powerful than the gravitational pull of Earth. Here is a look inside. Advertisements

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Privacy and New Technology | International Perspective

The original date for this broadcast was on January 15, 2017. In the first hour I discussed many issues concerning new artificial intelligence technology and the invasion of privacy. In one particular report, an Amazon Echo is being pulled into a murder case due to the recording of the device at the time of the […]

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Silent Weapons – Estaban Santiago – What caused him to SNAP?

The original date of this broadcast was Jan 8, 2017. The Ft. Lauderdale shooter, Estaban Santiago told the FBI that he was hearing voices in his head and the CIA forced him to watch ISIS videos according to NBC News. During this broadcast we will see the parallels of targeted individuals and how government entities […]

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International perspective on U.S. media & Turkey President says he has proof U.S. is behind ISIS

The original broadcast for this show was on January 1, 2017. Fake news is in all the headlines. The major media outlets have been pumping out the narrative that Russia is behind the rigging of the Presidential election. Political figures, CIA, FBI are all reporting this, yet Russia and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange says he […]

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CERN, Portals and Ley Lines #1

This is the first of a new series on CERN, the Hadron Collider in Switzerland. I will go into detail each week and explore the agenda of the scientist at CERN. I will also explore the significance of Portals and Ley Lines. These subjects are rather heavy and deep, yet very interesting. Hour One Hour […]

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American History not told: Black Wall Street – Tulsa Race Riots

As I continue my series on the subject of “The Boule, Steve Cokely and the Round Table”, one of the subjects covered on the recent episode was about the story of Black Wall Street. This is an important piece of history that needs to be taught in U.S. public schools.  Unfortunately like most of true […]

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The Modern State of Israel and Biblical Prophecy

On Sunday February 28, 2016 I had an opportunity to speak with author Salim Haddad about his new book entitled, “The Modern State of Israel and Biblical Prophecy”. During the interview we first discussed his perspective on today’s media portrayal of Syria in the west compared to what he personally knows through relationships and being […]

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Electronic Harassment – ‘Targeted Individual’ Richard Cain Hour One

Richard Cain returns to Flow Of Wisdom radio to update me with the latest of his fight against being a Targeted individual. If you missed my first interview with Richard, be sure to go back and listen to it because it is very informative and shocking with documentation to back up his claims! You can […]

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“The Moon Landing was fake and the Earth is not flat” Hour One

Do you believe that the U.S. mission to the moon was real or fake? A recent guest on Flow Of Wisdom, Bart Sibrel believes it was fake and has the proof to back it up.  Bart Sibrel, who is an award winning film maker and investigative journalist agreed to come back on Flow Of Wisdom to […]

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Bloomberg Shines Light on Weather Modification’s Big Global Business

Bloomberg Business gives us more proof that modifying the weather has not only been happening, but it’s now big business! Thanks to DavRick Dunn for sending me this article. He in fact posted it as a comment on my post “A 1966 U.S. GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT WITH THE SUBJECT: WEATHER MODIFICATION PROGRAM”. The article in Bloomberg […]

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The Flat Earth Theory and The True Hebrews according to Scripture Hour 1

I had an opportunity to interview Lucas Cameron who is the producer of the YouTube channel “7 Trumpets Prepper”. We covered two controversial topics that he has presented in some of his videos. The first hour focuses on the theory that the Earth is flat. It is in fact controversial for obvious reasons, many people […]

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Recovering From Autism: Homeschooling – ‘Deschooling’ from the American School System

The original air date of this show was Aug 2, 2015 Hour Two. During this hour of my interview with author, Teri Brogan of “Recovering From Autism”, she focuses on the importance of homeschooling her children. She points out that she understands why most parents are apprehensive but reminds the listeners to think of what […]

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The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan with Robert Kennedy Jr.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan with Robert Kennedy Jr. Mr. Kennedy visited the home of The Minister and brought along evidence of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) being responsible for developing a vaccine that is genetically concocted to affect and destroy Black males. The MMR vaccine gives Black boys autism at a rate of […]

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Obama Signs Bill Creating “Amber Alert” System for Violence Against Police Officers

While protests are happening across the country from police killing unarmed citizens, President Obama does this. – Sean Anthony Source: Activist Post | Carey Wedler On Tuesday, President Barack Obama signed a new bill intended to help keep better track of violent attacks against law enforcement. S.665 is also known as the Rafael Ramos and […]

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Google Patents Creepy New Toys That Spy on Your Kids, Control Smart Devices in Your Home

By Melissa Dykes | Activist Post Just when you think Google (read: our real-life Skynet) can’t get any creepier, they go and aspire. Now the megacorporation has patented a fun new toy that comes complete with hidden microphones and cameras, spies on your child’s activities and conversations, responds to his or her social cues, and […]

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