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PART 3 Time Travel and Parallel Universes Interview w/ ROBERT X

The original date of this live broadcast was on September 30, 2018.

PART 3 on Time Travel and Parallel Universes with special guest, researcher Robert X from Chicago.

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Hour One

Hour Two

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One Comment on “PART 3 Time Travel and Parallel Universes Interview w/ ROBERT X”

  1. Roberta December 6, 2018 at 6:53 pm #

    I just found your website while doing research on the Boule, frats, & rituals involved with each back in late September of this year (2018). I was elated to find many missing pieces of info that helped me to see that a theory & belief that I have concerning secret societies reigns true. I downloaded those shows and a few others. Got a hunch to return to your YT channel today & saw where you had completed a series on time travel. Although I am a believer in Yah after being raised & living 40 years as a Christian I was somewhat perplexed by your guest Robert X initially. I do not subscribe to the Kemetian or metaphysical school of thought as I have heard it spoken by those who subscribe to its tenets, but I can & do see to a degree exactly where those individuals are coming from. I do believe that most of what any of us have been exposed to in any religious system (I am mainly referring to Christianity, Judaism, or Islam here) is NOT the entire story because all “religion” to a certain degree has been tampered with by MAN even though the foundation itself may be closer to the true essence of what our creator had in mind when He gave His decrees in the Bible. I have heard some say “oh I don’t believe/subscribe to a religious thought but I’m a “spiritual” person”. That is confusing to me since there are MANY spirits out here & we are to test those spirits so we are not lead astray. Yah is a spirit just as must as there exists a SPIRIT of antichrist which has been in the world since Cain slew Able. There also exists spirits of error which Satan thrives off of to confuse, obsfucate, lie, steal, and ultimately kill all the while hiding behind. I am NOT writing this to “preach” or come out against you, your show, nor your guest because I actually LOVED part 1 which I have listened to so far. When I saw that Robert X was the guest I KNEW it was gonna be a good one,and he did NOT disappoint. I totally understood & “got” every word I heard him say in part 1. He is not the only person to state that #45 is a TIME TRAVELER as there is a YT channel (enter the stars) which I just found also in September or October saying exactly the same thing. President Trump/ Drumph (as his family’s German surname is supposedly spelled) has maternal ties back to the highlands of Scotland. I have heard that he actually has access (how he acquired them is unknown) to paperwork of Nikola Tesla, of the “free energy” fame.Supposedly he also has been groomed for the presidency since childhood and had access to the very White House itself while Nixon was in office as I have also heard. The access to the Tesla papers interests me because when I heard that he was creating a Space Force my internal antenna went up! Considering how it was said that Tesla worked with “alien”/dark forces to acquire such knowledge that he had & created such inventions as “weather manipulation” machines…the type which can actually CAUSE hurricanes, earthquakes, and probably were used as the backbone of HAARP is of great concern. I loved part 1 because as the guest stated everything that took place just 2 years ago I lived in real time & have been watching CLOSELY ever since. Kuddos to you for having a 21st century platform where people can discuss such matters as you know most “black” folks rarely publicly discuss such matters. I know I have been hard pressed to find those personally. Most get erroneously MISlabeled as “conspiracy theorists” if they do attempt to engage in such conversation.
    One thing about Trump is that he is a polarizing person…people either love him or hate him. Well, the one thing I can say for sure is that time itself will reveal his true purpose & legacy while in office. I see an imperfect man in a position that whether elected or SELECTED for the job he IS the Commander in Chief at this time like that fact or not. It IS Yah HIMSELF who actually creates evil as Isaiah 45:7 states as a TOOL to accomplish HIS purposes. Just knowing that my Creator, Yah Himself IS a spirit & He exists in eternity. He lives OUTSIDE of the space-time continuum that HE created for mankind who is flesh substantiates the fact of parallel universes for me.There exists many thongs which He created that are FAR ABOVE our pay grade to have knowledge of nor would we understand. That itself is what the Tower of Babel was about. The elites desire such knowledge & power so they can enslave man. Part of their agenda IS transhumanism, gender fluidity, etc. Any and ALL things which our Creator Yah either forbids or says is an abomination to Him. those are THE very thing the beast system pushes & tries to impose on mankind. Just read the book of Daniel how it discusses the image of the statue/idol that Daniel interpreted for King Nebuchadnezzar. We live in THE very days of the feet & 10 toes comprised/mixed/MINGLED of part iron & part clay…the whole TRANS agenda being pushed on so many fronts. Crisper technology among other things will lead to chimeras.It’s no wonder to me why the book of Revelation says these days will be cut short because Satan is leading an all out onslaught against mankind to corrupt his own image & lead him to hell. I also think that those who subscribe to metaphysical beliefs understand quite well. Much of the things going on in this country are caused by the dark,evil forces that are on the side of Satan, and he has MANY willing participants & followers doing his bidding. Evil does flourish when good men do nothing to stop it. The day of reckoning/justice is quickly approaching. The msm can NOT be trusted. They are propagandists who are being used exactly for the “social engineering” a.k.a. MIND CONTROL that their spin doctor handlers tell them to do. Getting ready to play part 2. I know I shall enjoy it thoroughly. Thanks for your platform because people ARE listening. Shalom.


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