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Where is the compassion?

Many people are taking to social media to share their emotions on the recent attacks in Paris. Some are combating with others for not expressing the same sentiments for April 2nd attacks in Kenya. The heated debate between people is a trap set up by the king of divide himself, the devil. To those that want […]

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Open Letter: Dear Puff…

As I watched your recent interviews with the Breakfast Club and Ebro in the Morning to promote your new release “MMM”, I heard you consistently stating that the music will inspire. Before I get into the music, I will say that your career as a music executive, producer, artist, and business mogul is truly inspiring to […]

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Perceptions of Reality

Written By J. Wilbur Our perceptions of reality are not simply justified by the actions of our hearts, but quantified by the existence of our souls. Memories will fade, but these days will never be forgotten. Time has not captured the essence of all that we have been, and apathy has hidden the imperfect perfections […]

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I am very concerned about the people in my country

I’m not going to sit up here and dismiss the current affairs that is plaguing our nation, such as the mounting tension and history between black people and the police. Now more than ever, U.S. citizens are making a stance and are vocal about the overaggressive police brutality against all people in America. There is […]

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Is Donald Sterling an American hero?

How in the high heavens can you ask if the owner of the LA Clippers, Donald Sterling be an American hero? Well, has he not made many black men millionaires over the past years? Has he empowered more young black men financially than most African-American owned companies today? Check out the salaries of the Clippers […]

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5 Reasons why the Richard Sherman media hoopla was staged

5 Reasons why the Richard Sherman media hoopla is staged by Sean Anthony Before giving me a side-eye with thoughts like, “here we go again with one of those “conspiracy theorist” nut jobs!” The purpose of this post is not to engage in the debate of the media melee surrounding Richard Sherman, but to point […]

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Dick Gregory – shares reason why King was murdered

During my interview with the 80 plus years, Mr. Dick Gregory, I was conscious of the fact that he was in the trenches with Dr. King during the civil rights movement. I knew the answer would be filled with insight and perspective.  So I asked Mr. Gregory to share some memories of Dr. King that we […]

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Did Putin Quietly Play the Debt Card Over Syria?

By Ron Holland from “They are living beyond their means and shifting a part of the weight of their problems to the world economy. They are living like parasites off the global economy and their monopoly of the dollar. If [in America] there is a systemic malfunction, this will affect everyone. Countries like Russia […]

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The Day I Met Michael Jackson

Written by: Ray Ford Listening to “Dear Michael” by: Michael Jackson Follow me on Twitter @rayford23 What can I possibly write about Michael Jackson that hasn’t already been said or written? Simply put, nothing—every stage of his life, every note and lyric of his music, every rhythmic movement, and every visual image of him has […]

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Kanye West: New Slave, Brilliant Schemes, and Old Tantrums

Written by: Ray Ford Follow me on twitter @rayford23 Listening to Kanye West’s “New Slave” Make no mistake about it, Kanye West accomplished most, if not all, of what he intended to when he projected the video for “New Slave” on to sixty-six buildings across the globe and performed it along with “Black Skinhead” on […]

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Seeing Scandal

Written by: Ray Ford Listening to “Ba Da” by: Gregory Isaacs On April 5, 2012, Shonda Rhimes’s television drama, Scandal, hit the airwaves and took the nation by storm. Since then, millions of viewers ranging from ages 18-60 (plus or minus), gather in living rooms and at viewing parties to watch Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) […]

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10 Words That Will Change Your Life

This is a great article on Huffington Post from one of my mentors and Pastor, Rick McDaniel. Written By Rick McDaniel via There are 10 simple words that can change your life. They are easy to say but they require more than just saying the words. Each of these words can be used to […]

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Written By Rick McDaniel As more politicians come out in support of gay marriage the tide appears to be turning in the direction of gay marriage acceptance. With even some conservative media pundits openly expressing their concern with the inevitability of gay marriage one would think the debate might be over. As Lee Corso says, […]

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Floating in the Stream

Written By: Ray Ford It’s easy for us to criticize today’s youth (Generation Y)–their fashion sense, tastes in music, and overall lack of appreciation for what we, Generation X, consider cultural authenticity. I’ll admit that I’m not a huge fan of this generation’s music (save a hand full of artists), style of dress (the skinny […]

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On this Day… (A Reflective Moment on the Date April 15)

On this Day: April 15, …  By: Ray Ford I must admit that of all the timeline jargon in the virtual world of Facebook, one phrase in particular jumps out at me whenever I see it on the screen–on this day. Most use it to commemorate the life or to respectfully honor the memory of […]

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