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Is Donald Sterling an American hero?

textgramHow in the high heavens can you ask if the owner of the LA Clippers, Donald Sterling be an American hero? Well, has he not made many black men millionaires over the past years? Has he empowered more young black men financially than most African-American owned companies today?

Check out the salaries of the Clippers players according to HoopsHype.com Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.10.06 AM

I’ve worked for a couple African-American owned companies and watched consistently one company empower more white executives in management positions over blacks than others. As a black man, I’ve always seen it happen in white corporate America.

I would like more white business owners, judges, cops, people with economic power and authority to come out and be honest with how they really feel about blacks and Hispanics.

How many of you work in a place today that work for a known racist owner or under the authority of someone who is racist? Would you quit your job?

Recently Charles Barkley made a great point on the difference of ignorance versus racism. During the TNT Halftime show Barkley said when regular working people or someone from the KKK says the “N” word, they are just ignorant.

More remarks cited from the LATimes.com, “If someone wants to be racist, fine,” Barkley said. “That’s their thing. When you’re in a position of power and you can take jobs and economic opportunities from people, that’s what crosses the line.”

I remember when I was a DJ for a company out of Philly and I was traveling to do a wedding in Pottstown, PA. I got a flat tire and pulled over and began to change it. Out of nowhere, this white guy pulled over, got out his car and just started to help me. This guy reeked of alcohol.

I could tell he was clearly drunk, because not only did he stagger to my aid but his words were slurred. He began to jack my van up, passed me the crowbar and told me to hold on to it.

He then asked me, “Why didn’t any State Troopers pull over to help you?” And before I could respond, he said, “It’s because you’re a nigger!” I stood there in utter disbelief with a crowbar in my hand, looking down at this white man as he continued to change my tire with a look on his face as if he said nothing wrong.

At that point I realized that it was his honesty that I respected. It doesn’t mean that I liked what he said. But lets admit it, if we knew how people really felt, you wouldn’t stress out about suggestive characteristics from certain folks that have you guessing. You know, the co-worker that tells a border-line joke that almost crosses the line of being offensive but doesn’t? Have you ever worked with someone like that?

I think the way comedian Eddie Griffin explains it, makes sense to me. You may not agree with the vulgar cuss-words but his point is very clear. He says, “I don’t have a problem with white folks…. it’s the sneaky white people I don’t like. I like rednecks myself, cause rednecks straight up and down are honest than a muthaf#%&a! Every time I do a show in the south a redneck will come up after the show, “you’s a funny nigger.”

Would you rather work for a known racist or someone who is racist behind closed doors?
Check out the video and leave your comments below.

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