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Missing data recorder found from missing cargo ship during Hurricane – Time

(JACKSONVILLE, Fla.)— Federal investigators say they have found the missing data recorder for the sunken cargo ship El Faro. The National Transportation Safety Board on Tuesday said it had recovered the voyage data recorder, which may help investigators better understand the final moments of the ship’s last journey during a hurricane. The 790-foot freighter sank… via […]

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A Look At the Boston Bombing Reporting

By Nicole Mosca With all of the tragedies over the past week, families are hugging each other, calling those they care about and sending prayers to those lives forever changed. We once again have witnessed the news outlets competing for the latest and most up-to-date breaking headlines. Fortunately, for one young man, not everything on […]

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Is Universal Music Group West Coast a Drug Spot?

Is Universal Music Group West Coast a Drug Spot? Now before you read about this, I would like to point out that I am sourcing the and the first thing I noticed was a picture of T.I. Subliminally that is misleading to the reader.  T.I. is not even the premise of this story. In […]

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News Headlines vs Reality

I found an excellent article on Activist that gives the breakdown of how exaggerated the media is with reporting murder and violence compared to the real numbers of how much violent crimes actually occur. Activist Post: “Murder, Shootings, Stabbings and Assaults overwhelmingly dominate crime news coverage The media covers these types of crime 20-30% […]

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Ray J Opens Up About Whitney… “God is talking to me”

Ray J speaks out about Whitney’s death and you can tell that he is hurting. You can see the pain in his eyes. The most important thing Ray J says in this press conference is that “God is talking to me right now, and now it’s time for me to listen.” I believe that God […]

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Shaquille O’Neal’s Dunkman Eyewear

We all know Shaq is the new edition to the TNT crew with Charles, Kenny and Ernie. During the show he announced his new line of eyewear called “Dunkman Eyewear” with Khristian Michael. Check out the line on Forever K Michael Presents… Shaq on TNT giving away his Dunkman Eyewear to Kenny, Charles and […]

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Immortal Technique Speaks on Occupy Wall Street

Often times the media tends to put the camera in the face of a rapper who is usually inarticulate and uneducated on the specific topic at hand. However, RT News shines light on a rapper that is not only articulate but educated on the issues that plague our country, America. Below is an extended full […]

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A Snapshot of My Radio Days in Detroit…

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Sean Anthony’s review on Diddy Dirty Money’s “Last Train to Paris”

Diddy-Dirty Money. What can I say about Diddy? “Last Train to Paris” possesses a sound that lures you into its element. Diddy pushed the envelope with this project, stretching the fusion of hip hop & R&B genres to newer heights.  This album is what’s next.  I hear unique musical and vocal  arraignments that break many […]

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Virginia Gov. Shocks Richmond with Budget Cuts

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, proposed new budget cuts for Virginia, which created a frenzy within the city of Richmond. These cuts will affect Education, the less fortunate who look for assistance from the state, Medicaid and so on. Do you think these cuts are fair? Will they affect you? Leave your comments and have a healthy […]

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Show Topic Ideas!

Tune in every Sunday morning at 9am to my Syndicated talk show on iPower 92.1 “FLOW OF WISDOM RADIO”. You can also listen live on If you have any show topics, ideas or would like to be a guest on the show please leave your remarks in the comment box.

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Last night on twitter, Miss Info broke the news that Drake collapsed at a concert in Camden, NJ and may have re-injured his ACL. Let’s hope Drake takes his doctors suggestions and rest up.

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Racism: The Professor vs The Sgt, Should they reconcile?

In light of top story in Cambridge, Massachusetts where the Harvard Professor Gates was arrested by Sgt. [James] Crowley for “loud and tumultuous behavior in a public space”. This story has gained national attention, which brings racism as the topic of discussion. On The Power of One voice I will have Victoria Colby, criminal defense attorney from […]

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Sean Anthony gives his thoughts on the message in the music from rappers and singers and why they should step their game up and stop being puppets for record companies.

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Are you tired of the media force feeding you fear?

Recently in the news, a tremendous amount of turmoil has been brewing in the middle east in Iran. While protesters were taking a stand in the streets, a young lady gets shot in the chest and dies within 2 minutes. The media captured this horrific event on camera and on the news it goes. Last night […]

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