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A Look At the Boston Bombing Reporting

By Nicole Mosca With all of the tragedies over the past week, families are hugging each other, calling those they care about and sending prayers to those lives forever changed. We once again have witnessed the news outlets competing for the latest and most up-to-date breaking headlines. Fortunately, for one young man, not everything on […]

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Is Universal Music Group West Coast a Drug Spot?

Is Universal Music Group West Coast a Drug Spot? Now before you read about this, I would like to point out that I am sourcing the and the first thing I noticed was a picture of T.I. Subliminally that is misleading to the reader.  T.I. is not even the premise of this story. In […]

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The Great American Gun Ban: The UN Small Arms Treaty

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Do You Want To Be A Member?

I caught this video on Vigilant Citizen’s website, where they have a full breakdown of this 1930’s animation. After watching this, if people want to deny that there is any form of initiations of a secret society and how “they” try to come after you then you can keep drinking the kool-aid.

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