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Muhammad On Charlie Hebdo’s cover again! Arrogance or Standing up?

Photo Source: “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” – Proverbs 16:18 I’m all for free speech, but I’m not a fan of pride. To me, this is arrogance at a high level. This is taunting the folks that shot up the place for a satirical cartoon mocking their religious […]

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Cosby jokes about drugging women in stand up

The clean wholesome image of Bill Cosby is quickly declining with allegations of drugging women and raping them. Listen to this joke from his stand up album from 1969 talking about Spanish Fly.”

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My source sent me this message:   Here is the link to the local NBC news affiliate WKYC with up-to-date details. RTA: Rapid station evacuated due to suspicious package CLEVELAND — An RTA station has been evacuated after a suspicious bag was found at the East 55th and Woodland rapid station. By WKYC Web Staff […]

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Cyber Attack On American Banks

One question I have after watching this story. How do I know that this is a legitimate cyber attack from the Middle East? I always have a side-eye to what the mainstream media reports. Go with your guts folks. Don’t allow them to tell you what to think. Here is a list of the bailout […]

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Russia Seek Naval Bases Abroad

Russia Seeks To Set Up Naval Base In Cuba The geopolitcal world is heating up very fast with news of Russia’s desire to set up naval bases abroad. Russian naval chief confirms talks with Cuba, Vietnam, and the Seychelles (Off the east coast of the continent of Africa) about setting up overseas facilities for Russian […]

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Eyewitness Say Aurora Shooter Didn’t Act Alone

Eyewitnesses are beginning to come out with information that this shooter did not act alone. Well maybe I should say, eyewitnesses already came out but have not received any media coverage. Let’s see how much coverage this gets in the mainstream media. If ANYONE can get me in contact with eyewitnesses of the Aurora Theater Shooter”s” […]

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Greenland Is Melting Causing NEW “Rivers, Ponds & Lakes”

Al Jazeera reports that satelite images are showing that Greenland is “loosing a tremendous amount of ice…” and “there’s so much melt its causing rivers, ponds and lakes and washing out bridges…” stated by NASA Scientist, Thomas Wagner.

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Immortal Technique Speaks on Occupy Wall Street

Often times the media tends to put the camera in the face of a rapper who is usually inarticulate and uneducated on the specific topic at hand. However, RT News shines light on a rapper that is not only articulate but educated on the issues that plague our country, America. Below is an extended full […]

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My Vision of an Earthquake in Virginia

Sunday August 21, 2011 on Flow of Wisdom Radio I did a show on HAARP. My guest was Dr. Nick Begich. We spoke on how it can manipulate the weather, create earthquakes and cause volcano’s to erupt. August 22, 2011 as I was leaving work, I told my son I just felt the earth shake. […]

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To truly understand the work of UFO expert Will Allen, one must have been previously abducted by aliens and implanted with a psychic ability to receive direction from extra-terrestrial forces. His incredible story is not easily understood by people who require a live sample or alien life artifacts to believe that civilization exists outside of […]

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Are You Ready To Learn Gay History?

Well the Governor of California is. Gov. Jerry Brown has made California the first state to require that public school textbooks include the achievements of gay, lesbian and transgender Americans. When I first heard this news report my mouth hit the floor. It baffles me to see this type of ideology be made into a […]

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Would You Vote For Trump?

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DJ Kool Herc Has No Health Insurance but Needs Medical Attention

After reading some comments on about DJ Kool Herc needing money for his medical situation. I took to twitter to air out my perspective. Some people really expect DJ Kool Herc to have all this money because of what he contributed to hip hop. What some of you may fail to realize is that […]

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Virginia Gov. Shocks Richmond with Budget Cuts

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, proposed new budget cuts for Virginia, which created a frenzy within the city of Richmond. These cuts will affect Education, the less fortunate who look for assistance from the state, Medicaid and so on. Do you think these cuts are fair? Will they affect you? Leave your comments and have a healthy […]

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Marijuana: Legal or Illegal?

First let me begin this blog by stating that I am not a smoker. However, during my late teenage years, during and after college I would “partake” quite frequently. Nonetheless, there has been an ongoing discussion about the legalization of marijuana. With a struggling economy and health care troubling most U.S. citizens the argument has […]

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