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To truly understand the work of UFO expert Will Allen, one must have been previously abducted by aliens and implanted with a psychic ability to receive direction from extra-terrestrial forces. His incredible story is not easily understood by people who require a live sample or alien life artifacts to believe that civilization exists outside of planet earth. Will Allen has been speaking of his encounters his entire life. His story does not change. He knows we are not alone in this universe.

At the tender age of five years, Allen experienced his first encounter with a group of ETs. He remembers being examined, prodded, and implanted in a dark room with several beings resembling small grey children. Throughout his younger life, Will Allen faced illnesses resulting from what he believes was a force living within his psyche. For decades, this gift has allowed him to sense where and when an astronomical anomaly can be captured on his high-speed, high-definition camera lens.

Will Allen’s UFO photos and expertise have been featured on many educational specials, including National Geographic and Fox News Radio. The former White House and Air Force One engineer will join Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator on WCDX iPower92.1 this Sunday at 9am for the syndicated talk show Flow of Wisdom Radio. Be sure to tune in live at http://www.iPowerRichmond.com and dial in (804) 345-9236 to join the discussion.

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One Comment on “Encounter”

  1. Joseph Hiddink November 13, 2012 at 12:57 pm #

    Dear Sir,
    Did you not know that the technology of the Flying Saucer was discovered by me and patented?
    The discovery of Gravity Control was evaluated by the Hudson Institute at
    $600 Billion, if the USA would have it before Russia.
    Since I, as a Canadian, felt a kind of patriotic obligation, I offered the invention to NASA
    for only $30 Million.
    The Propulsion Engineers in Cleveland, Ohio were :”Not interested!”
    They finally decided to try the circuitry after the second Space Disaster, did not contact me first like I had urged, saved NASA $30 million and caused Billions odf Dollars in damage, when they inadvertently got the setting of an EMP. It caused the big Black-out of 2003 in the USA and Ontario.
    See the basic Patent at > One Terminal Capacitor <
    If it had been applied to a Shuttle, they would have been at the ISS in one hour, the Moon in a couple of hours and Mars within one day. Using a constant acceleration forceo only ONE G (braking half weay witht thedsame force).'
    Even though I tried to contact the new management of Nasa, they never answered, fax, e-mail or phone.
    They killed the advantage for the USA in Space travel. Maybe Space brain dead.
    Who should have it now? Russia, Europe or China?


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