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Excerpt from Flow of Wisdom Radio … just offering some words of encouragement


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Sean Anthony Shares Testimony about Matthew 6

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Excerpt from “Conversations With Hip Hop”….Sha Money XL (G-Unit)

My book “Conversations With Hip Hop” is available in e-book format on Amazon! This excerpt is in Chapter 8, “Who’s in Your Fave Five” Check out the conversation I had with Sha Money XL, the man behind 50 Cent and the G-Unit brand. Pay close attention to how he speaks about his relationships in the […]

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“Conversations With Hip Hop” Ignites Passion

With the release of my first book “Conversations with Hip Hop,” (available NOW on feedback is beginning to pour in.  I received a message from facebook from an old high school friend stating, “Yo! I finished reading your book today. Great job! I’m in the middle of doing research for my Master’s thesis and reading your […]

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“Conversations With Hip Hop” by Sean Anthony is Available NOW!

My first book is now available on After several years of writing and re-writing, putting it on the back burner to pick it back up again, I am very excited to say that the time is finally here to release my book to the world. What is the book about? Click and read the […]

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Richmond END THE FED Protest – Sean Anthony

Written By Nathan Cox “Alright! FINALLY got the speeches uploaded from the Richmond End the Fed Protest back on Sept 22. This is Sean Anthony’s speech. Sean Anthony is the owner/ operator of Flow of Wisdom Radio which just got picked up by the GCN Radio Network! Flow of Wisdom HAD been airing Sunday Mornings […]

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Motivation – Sean Anthony | Flow of Wisdom

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Just Observing the Chemtrails vs Clouds

Just observing some Chemtrails in the neighborhood.

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Flow of Wisdom Radio: Heavy Hitter DJ Lonnie B’s Personal Conflict With Hip Hop

Sean Anthony The Motivator spoke with Virginia-based DJ Lonnie B about every celebrity DJ’s challenge to spin music that appeals to the public, but not to the spirit. The live, in-studio interview podcast is available now on Richmond, VA, March 14, 2012: Syndicated Christian talk radio host Sean Anthony knows how to summon the […]

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Are You Still Waiting For Your Dream to Come True?

Lately I have been really trying to focus on resting in the Lord.  First let me say that I am a very driven person.  I have certain goals that I am eagerly trying to achieve and my drive to succeed keeps me constantly pushing, trying to get certain dreams to manifest.  Then I got a […]

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A Break Down of the Blatant Images During Madonna’s Half Time Performance

It is no secret that there are some dark images being portrayed in the entertainment industry. Here is a great break down of Madonna’s performance during half-time of the Super Bowl done by Vigilant

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Motivational Minute 02/06/2012

Hold on to true friends. A true friend is honest. I told a friend today after giving me some honest feedback about myself, “I’d rather you hurt my feelings and spare my life, rather than spare my feelings and let me die.” – Sean Anthony Live Life, Get Wisdom & Let it Flow Join me […]

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Motivational Minute 02/02/2012

An Alpha Man shared a great quote with me today. “Great is the man who creates his own path, rather than the man who walks the path of someone else.” Create your own lane in life. Don’t be someone else or do what they do. Just be the best YOU you can be. @Sean_Anthony – […]

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Motivational Minute

Did you know that an eagle will use a storm as a benefit? They use the wind to elevate them higher to fly above the storm. Whatever storm you may be going through, look at it as an opportunity to soar higher. Here is a great quote from Winston Churchill, “A pessimist sees the difficulty […]

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Flow of Wisdom Radio: Sean Anthony “The Making of a Mogul with Cory G”

This edition of Flow Of Wisdom Radio will inspire the mogul within. In this interview you will get inside the mind of the President of Muscle Pharm, Cory Gregory.  We discuss what it took for him to become successful and shed light on some principles he used to get there.   As his bio reads on […]

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