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Flow of Wisdom Radio: Heavy Hitter DJ Lonnie B’s Personal Conflict With Hip Hop

DJ Lonnie B

Sean Anthony The Motivator spoke with Virginia-based DJ Lonnie B about every celebrity DJ’s challenge to spin music that appeals to the public, but not to the spirit. The live, in-studio interview podcast is available now on flowofwisdom.com.

Richmond, VA, March 14, 2012: Syndicated Christian talk radio host Sean Anthony knows how to summon the courage within his listeners and his guests. On the latest episode of Flow of Wisdom Radio, he asked the accomplished veteran DJ Lonnie B how he manages to spin records that conflict with his morals and values. The conversation quickly sparked a dialogue that had callers from all over the country sharing their solemn feelings about the change in hip hop. The Heavy Hitter also spoke out about his personal testimony of how today’s music can create a tragedy in one’s life.

The DJ Lonnie B interview inspired one of Flow of Wisdom Radio’s most emotive public responses. To hear what people are saying about moral responsibility in today’s music, visit http://www.FlowOfWisdom.com. The interview is now available as a podcast at the following internet address: FlowofWisdom.com

Listeners are encouraged to call in to Flow of Wisdom Radio live at (804)345-9236 between 9am and 10am EST or comment online @sean_anthony on Twitter or facebook. Recordings are accepted anytime at (202)630-3569 (FLOW).

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