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I Have a Confession About Diana Ross

As a kid, growing up in South Jersey, I was involved in acting, modeling, gymnastics, you name it! In the mid-80’s, there were auditions coming to Pine Hill, New Jersey for a new music video by the legendary Diana Ross that was going to be filmed in Philly and at the Clementon Amusement Park in Clementon, NJ. And guess what, I got the part!

Me and another student from the same area made the front page of the local newspaper reading, “LOCAL KIDS STAR IN ROSS VIDEO.” I have not found the music video online yet but if you do find it, please post it here and I’m prepared for the jokes… lol!

Nonetheless, here is the song, “We Are The Children of the World” by Diana Ross.

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One Comment on “I Have a Confession About Diana Ross”

  1. heavensbeloved August 17, 2012 at 8:47 pm #

    Well, she got that song right. They are the children of the world. God loved the world so much, He Gave His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, that whomsoever would believe in Him, should not perish but, have ever lasting life. The Lord has told us that few find it. Did some of these idols push people toward the Gospel and their Only Salvation, or did they fall into occult and paganism like what is happening today? Let the Scriptures be True and every man a liar. There are not a million roads to Salvation. There is ONLY ONE Mediator between God and man, and that is Christ Jesus of Scripture If you don’t believe whom Jesus Said He was, which was 100 percent man and 100 percent God, John tells us, that Christ Said, you will die in your sins because it is thru His Blood, we are redeemed. If you don’t believe the Scriptures, you are not born again and you are not Saved. Faith comes by hearing the Word. Study to show yourself approved. I know the Scriptures are True. The Truth is being marred, and we are going to be and are getting persecuted for these lies, wicked fables, and vain idol worship. Grievous, just like the Lord Said. If you stay in His Word long enough the Holy Spirit leads you to all Truth. People don’t want God’s Truth now. They think Satan has better way, but, he comes to steal, kill, and destroy, which is what he is doing. Following Satan and his world, leads to the damned.


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