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Can you live without your social site addiction?

Yesterday I’m headed to a meeting at Starbucks and I’m trying to tweet about my thoughts on the latest Black Eyed Peas album The E.N.D. I felt the “need” to tweet to my 2000 plus followers that this has to be one of the best albums of 2009. For some odd reason, uber twitter on my blackberry was not connecting. So now I’m […]

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Are Rappers as tough as they say they are???

In Florida, rapper Brisco gets robbed at gun point of his money and jewelry after a photo shoot. Which brings me to the question, what will be Brisco’s reaction to this incident? Will he be riled up beating his chest, talking big or will he be humbled by this.

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Last night on twitter, Miss Info broke the news that Drake collapsed at a concert in Camden, NJ and may have re-injured his ACL. Let’s hope Drake takes his doctors suggestions and rest up.

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Racism: The Professor vs The Sgt, Should they reconcile?

In light of top story in Cambridge, Massachusetts where the Harvard Professor Gates was arrested by Sgt. [James] Crowley for “loud and tumultuous behavior in a public space”. This story has gained national attention, which brings racism as the topic of discussion. On The Power of One voice I will have Victoria Colby, criminal defense attorney from […]

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Sean Anthony gives his thoughts on the message in the music from rappers and singers and why they should step their game up and stop being puppets for record companies.

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Are you tired of the media force feeding you fear?

Recently in the news, a tremendous amount of turmoil has been brewing in the middle east in Iran. While protesters were taking a stand in the streets, a young lady gets shot in the chest and dies within 2 minutes. The media captured this horrific event on camera and on the news it goes. Last night […]

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What are they putting in our food?

Over the past week I had to speak at a few 5th grade graduations. Some of the schools were in the inner-city and the others were in the suburbs. I noticed the young girls were more developed in the city schools as opposed to the girls in the wealthy areas. Which brought me to the […]

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Why do teens feel the need to carry guns?

This morning on my show “The Power of One Voice” we discussed why teens carry guns. Most of my callers had great points. Some say they carry guns because of  insecurities, fear, and being a product of there environment. All are true but then I had callers mention about how it was when they were growing […]

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